Video Shows That Duke Volleyball Player And Her Politician Godmother Are Lying About Being Called N Word During BYU Game


Update – Police and eye witnesses all confirm that this is a hoax.

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A women’s volleyball game between BYU and Duke in Provo, UT has made national headlines after a player on Duke and her politician grandmother alleged on social media that she was called racial slurs throughout the game. It began when Lesa Pamplin, who is running for a judgeship in Fort Worth, tweeted that her goddaughter Rachel Richardson was called the n word “every time she served.” She also alleged that Richardson, who she said was the only black player on Duke, was threatened by a white male on the way back to the team bus, and that a police officer had to be put on the Duke bench.


She just so happens to a Democratic activist who has tweeted dozens of racist things about white people, who she seems to hate.

Her account is now private.

You would think that people would’ve learned to not blindly believe every unproven allegation of racism after the Jussie Smollett hoax, or that people would remember the Duke lacrosse racist rape hoax and how many innocent people were hurt because of a rush to judgment. But as usual this unfounded allegation of racism was retweeted millions of times.



Within hours BYU had offered an official apology, and said that they banned the racist fan who was sitting in the student section, but for some reason wasn’t a student.


Meanwhile the BYU coach was being called out as a racist for coaching a volleyball game.


Athletic Director Tom Holmoe also issued an apology and forced the BYU coach to as well, on top of the usual virtue signaling about how we need to “do better.”

“They have helped me understand areas I can do better.”

What did you do wrong? You were there to coach a game and you did your job. Your team beat Rachel’s team, the crowd was loud and intense (which is probably rare for women’s volleyball), Rachel was frustrated about that, so she pulled an Adam Jones and said that someone called her racist so that she could be a victim. Without any evidence this forced grown adults to grovel at the feet of this spoiled 19 year old brat on scholarship at an elite academic institution, and ask HER how THEY can do better.

Who specifically needs to do better? Doesn’t matter. Just know that you’re all racist and it’s your fault because you didn’t do anything to stop the unnamed racist man.


But of course the mob, led by Lesa Pamplin, wasn’t satisfied with the apology. She demanded more groveling from the white people at BYU, and threw her goddaughter’s coaches under the bus for not walking off the court.


Naturally this idiot fell for it too.


They’re so close. They’re on the right track, they’re asking the right questions, they just haven’t figured out the obvious – it will all make perfect sense when you realize that the whole thing is made up.

“Someone yelled the N word all game and no one did anything to stop it?”

“Why didn’t Duke coaches pull their players off the court?”

“Why didn’t BYU kick the fan out of the game?”

“Why didn’t the refs stop the game when they heard the racial slurs?”

If there really was a racist person yelling the n word for the ENTIRETY of the game, and nothing was done about it, then these would be great questions to ask. It’s the exact same thing people asked when Adam Jones alleged a Red Sox fan yelled racial slurs t him during a game at Fenway Park in May of 2017. Not a single person in the crowd said a word to the unnamed man, nor did anyone catch it on camera. The lone witness was a 17 year old who ended up getting caught in a lie. The Red Sox knew Adam Jones was lying they were just too cowardly to defend their fans from a disgruntled player who was smearing them. Instead they attempted to appease the woke mob by issuing a statement that an unnamed fan they identified as the perpetrator had been banned from Fenway Park forever. In reality it was just a way for the Red Sox to virtue signal about how they “stand against racism,” by pretending to ban an imaginary racist strawman.

Same thing is happening here. BYU can’t call this girl or her godmother a liar because they fear the wrath of the woke mob, so they’re just pretending to come down hard on the racist strawman. Shockingly the woke mob wasn’t impressed by that either, because the woke mob has no desire to get along. They have to make it seem like racism is perpetually everywhere and will never go away, because the minute it does they won’t be able to race bait and feed the racism-industrial complex. Right on cue:

“I think your Volleyball coach at the least needs diversity training.”

And there it is.

Step 1 – make up racism

Step 2 – offer to sell the cure for it (DEI training)

Step 3 – profit

Racism-industrial complex in motion.

The mob wanted names though.

Again, they’re so close. They’re asking the right questions, they’re just haven’t put it all together yet.

Lesa Pamplin issued a statement blaming all the adults for failing her goddaughter, and complained that nothing was done until she tweeted about it.


She then demanded a phone call personally from Utah’s RINO governor because his Twitter apology wasn’t enough.


As Lesa Pamplin pointed out, there were 5,700 people at the game (she wasn’t one of them), the racial taunts got louder as the game went on, and a police officer was forced to sit on the Duke women’s bench.

There were 5,700 people and not one person caught this on camera? Not a single person in the arena thought to say something to the guy yelling the n word for the ENTIRETY of the game?

Sure thing.

The whole game was televised, and BYU says it happened, so it should be on film right? Here’s the entire 2 hour game.

Remember, Lesa Pamplin alleged that Rachel was called the n word every time she served, and BYU said that the man yelling the slurs was in the student section. Well, the teams switch side every set, and Duke was on the side of the BYU student section during the 2nd and 4th sets. I watched the entire game. Rachel Richardson served a grand total of 2 times while on the BYU student section side, both of which were in the 4th set. You can find it at the 1:42:00 and 2:00:20 marks.


Some in the online witch hunt mob have pointed to her second serve attempt at the 2:00:20 mark, because it looks like one girl in the crowd seems displeased with another girl and grabs her arm.


Except there’s just one problem with that theory – BYU said it was a man and not a student. That’s a female student. Also notice how #6, #2, and Rachel herself don’t even slightly react, despite the fact that someone is allegedly yelling the n word at the top of their lungs. #4 does a brief glance at the crowd and doesn’t seem fazed.



Godmother also said that police had to be put on the Duke bench as a result of the racial slurs. But I looked through the entire video and at no point during the game is there ever a police officer anywhere near the Duke bench.


Oh, and the BYU men’s basketball game was right there next to the student section the entire game, and despite the fact that several of them are black not one of them seem fazed by a man yelling the n word for 2 hours right next to them.


By spreading this obvious lie Rachel Richardson and her racist godmother knew they would be getting a lot of attention, and they knew that people would begin to scan the crowd for racists to blame. One of those young people has down syndrome.

Good job.

Woke mobs LOVE to dox and cancel people they perceive to be racist. A woman lost her job and her life was destroyed 2 years ago for calling the cops on a guy in Central Park who was trying to lure her dog away from her. So why isn’t the woke mob demanding the name of the man who yelled racial slurs at a woman for 2 hours? Wouldn’t it benefit the school if they could identify and distance themselves from this person?

Hours later Rachel Richardson issued a response on Twitter and Instagram that the media was fawning over, which they are required to do since she is a young, college educated black woman making an allegation of racism without any evidence.


She immediately proved that her godmother was lying by pointing out that she’s not the only black player on the team. She said the racial taunts and threats continued the entire game, and that the refs and BYU coaches (but not the Duke coaches) were made aware and did nothing.

So she’s willing to throw BYU’s coaches under the bus but not her own.

Then came the racism-industrial complex, as she brought up how BYU could do better by doing more diversity training.

“It is not enough to not be racist, you must also be anti-racist.” – Every BLM grifter trying to capitalize off the death of George Floyd and sell you a book.

This is the screed of a narcissist. She wants you to believe that she was called the n word for 2 hours, but is so strong, and so resilient that she didn’t even flinch when she heard it. She’s basically Jackie Robinson. But it doesn’t explain why her white teammates and coaches stood there and did nothing. Surely they would’ve been able to hear the slurs too.

She mentions how Duke players went through a DEI training called “A Long Talk.” What she didn’t mention was that they did it right before traveling to Utah.

What a coincidence!

Guess what other school also paid this company to teach them how to be anti-racist a few months ago?


BYU! Listen to this pathetic groveling.

So let me get this straight. BYU paid this company to come in and teach them how to be anti-racist allies. Then a racist BYU fan started yelling the n word at a black player on a visiting team and none of the people who sat through this training thought to do or say anything about it. Sounds like DEI training is working out great!

I’ve never been to a DEI training, but I feel like if someone around me was yelling the n word out loud during a game I’d probably say something to them. Ya know, like most people would. But miraculously that didn’t happen in Provo, despite their training.

Rachel Richardson was taught that there is currency in victimhood. LeBron James knows who she is now and has her back. She’ll be fawned over and told how courageous, fierce, and strong she is now. And “A Long Talk” just got a whole lot of free advertising out of it. Seth Davis is reading up on them.

So am I.

According to their website they consist of wealthy, highly educated people of color who live on Martha’s Vineyard, own consulting firms, have doctoral degrees, teach on college campuses, and now get paid to tell white people how to stop oppressing people like them.

The testimonials from white college coaches, AD’s, and superintendents indicate that they were taught that America was founded on white supremacy, and includes a positive review from BYU’s equity director as well.

So she gets paid a 6 figure salary to spend student tuition money to force her coaches to attend these DEI trainings, and the first time they have a racist incident all 5,700 people watching it happen forget everything they learned and do nothing. Got it.

A Long Talk’s Facebook page also glamorizes Colin Kaepernick as a hero, and says that Republicans reacted negatively to his kneeling because they are racist.


To the surprise of nobody Rachel Richardson also hates Donald Trump, believes he is a white supremacist, and liked a meme showing MLK smiling as a black person whips white people picking cotton.


BYU later put out a statement denying most of what the godmother initially said, but they were too afraid to call her a liar so they danced around it with some words.

Just to review:

  • A race baiting democratic activist running for office who wasn’t at the game repeated a story on Twitter that her goddaughter told her about being called the n word
  • Millions of people blindly repeated the story, including LeBron James
  • The Governor of Utah and the entire athletic department apologized and begged for forgiveness, which was deemed insufficient by the godmother and her online mob
  • The entire game was on video but at no point do you hear anyone say a racial slur, nor do you see anyone react to it
  • The person yelling racial slurs was identified and banned, but not named, and he was sitting in the student section despite not being a student
  • No one in the student section heard any of this, recorded it, or called him out for it
  • Rachel Richardson didn’t tell her coaches about it
  • Duke lost a game to a nationally ranked team in front of a sellout crowd
  • The woke 19 year old who believes white supremacy is everywhere is now being treated like a strong and resilient victim
  • Neither the godmother or goddaughter is asking for the racist to be identified or arrested
  • Both teams recently completed DEI trainings that specifically train them how to handle racist events like this, yet both teams forgot about their training the moment it happened
  • No one is allowed to question any of this

Yup, this definitely happened. Or maybe, just maybe, she was mad that her team got whooped.


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