Police Sources: Man Restrained For Spitting On Food In Kingston Stop n Shop Is 65 Year Old Duxbury Resident Named Jethro 


A video of a man being restrained by several civilians at the Kingston Stop n Shop on Saturday after he allegedly spit and coughed on produce has been shared thousands of times over the weekend.

The video does not show what transpired before that, but the Kingston Police issued a press release stating that they’re filing a criminal complaint against the 65 year old man being restrained, and that he’s now banned from the premises.

This would seem to indicate the there is some legitimacy to the eye witness statements.

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They have not released the man’s name, and according to the detective on the case it’s because of privacy laws.

I bet the guy who was arrested the day before and had his mugshot posted on the KPD Facebook page without being found guilty of a crime wishes he was afforded the same privacy.

Two trusted sources from within the police department are reporting to TB Daily News that the man in the video being restrained is 65 year old Jethro Davis from Duxbury.

Yes, that’s right – according to our sources the perpetrator is a black guy named Jethro from Duxbury. Now I’ve officially seen it all.

Maybe it was a big misunderstanding and people freaked out on him for no reason. But witnesses said he did it and the police are pursuing a criminal complaint, so I’m guessing there’s some evidence to work with here. I don’t know how you cough and spit on produce by accident, but maybe Jethro would like to come on the live show and explain it himself.


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