Portland Woman Claims Well Respected Businessman Tried To Kill Her In Homophobic Attack At Stop & Shop, Internet Mob Seeks To Avenge Her


Alana Reali is a free spirit and creatively decorated woman* from Portland, ME.

She posted a video yesterday on Facebook detailing a horrific experience she allegedly had as the victim of a hate crime/attempted murder while in the parking lot at Stop & Shop.

No evidence was provided besides a swollen ankle, which in an injury you frequently get after being choked and punched in the back of the head. This man in his 60’s likely chokes gay people for sport, and probably black too. You’re never too old to commit a hate crime.

She claims there were several witnesses and video, but none of that has been provided or posted. But Facebook mobs don’t require evidence or ask questions. They see things they want to believe and then dox and destroy.

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Of course this well respected member of the community likes to randomly commit hate crimes for no apparent reason in the grocery store parking lot in broad daylight. Why wouldn’t he? His white privilege protects him from being arrested. Luckily Porland’s biggest hardo is on the case.

After that they found out who he does business with, and tagged them on Facebook so they could be ashamed of doing business with such a violent thug.

Evidence is overrated. And if you ask for it you’ll be yelled at and accused of victim shaming.

You don’t even live in Maine!!

But the victim did share more details about what led up to the incident.

Translation – they had a dispute over a parking spot, she was driving aggressively, he told her to slow down or she could hurt someone, and then it naturally transcended into a violent homophobic attack perpetrated by Portland Santa Claus.

Then suddenly proof emerged.

He’s conservative and was on the radio. Case closed!

Never mind that this angry young man is apparently an Antifa sympathizer that perpetually looks like Edward Norton’s brother in American History X and smokes the official tobacco of hoodrats everywhere.

It was written on the Internet so it must be true. Those are the rules.

According to Alana the perp was charged but not arrested because they don’t arrest anyone due to COVID. So we look forward to this animal getting his summons for attempted murder and federal hate crimes in the mail.


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