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Proud “Resister” Who Lost To James Holzhauer On Jeopardy Told CNN She Isn’t Happy That He Tries To Win And Isn’t Fun To Lose To


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James Holzhauer legendary run on Jeopardy returns tonight after being put on hold for two weeks by the teacher’s tournament. The man has turned Jeopardy into must watch TV, and is on pace to smash Ken Jennings’ cash records with half the wins.

Obviously being smart helps you in this game, but as a professional sports gambler he’s so effective by playing the odds and using strategy. It’s really not that complicated:

  • Go after the bigger money questions in the first round
  • Maintain control of the board which increases chances of landing daily doubles
  • Go all in on daily doubles in the first round because if you get it wrong you can make it back quick in Double Jeopardy, but if you get it right you have a nearly insurmountable lead
  • Make sure to have double the money of your closest opponent going into Final Jeopardy so that the outcome isn’t in question and he doesn’t have to get it right

It’s only happened once in his 22 wins where he’s needed to get Final Jeopardy right, and that was against Ashland’s Adam Levin, who appeared on a CNN panel with two other opponents Holzhauer has defeated. One of them was a white woman from Brooklyn named Robin Falco, who came across like the stereotype of a triggered white woman from Brooklyn.

She was very upset about not only the way in which Holzhauer beat her, but what he was like backstage.

“He turned it into his job. He took a year off from his job — that’s what he told me — to just focus on and perfect this. This is a game! This is a fun experience! And when it comes to dealing with him, it was not.”

Wait a minute. You’re telling me that a guy with a chance to make millions of dollars on a television show took this opportunity seriously? It’s almost like money is important.

For the record, she wasn’t very close.

Tyler at least went after James, which is why he finished with nothing. Robin sat back and waited for questions to come to her, but because of James’ use of the patriarchy those opportunities didn’t present themselves as she had hoped. That’s what happens when you show up to Jeopardy and your goal is to “have fun.”

“I made no secret of the fact that James and I did not get on backstage. I did not feel he was respectful to me. He wasn’t respectful to a lot of the other people, to the staff, I felt. And he doesn’t have the respect for the game. It wasn’t what we were expecting. It’s not what we prepared for.”

Thanks for sharing that. We totally care about how James treated you backstage. And the fact that you’re a salty loser certainly hasn’t clouded your judgement of him. Then again, being a sore loser is something she’s mastered the art of:


Her candidate lost to the “not fun” white dude, and she responded by throwing a hissy fit and calling her Senator, as if that would reverse the outcome.

Here’s to James Holzhauer continuing his legendary run and triggering more Robin Falco’s of the world for weeks and months to come.


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