Providence Family Exposed After June Arrests Holds Press Conference Blaming Turtleboy And John Depetro For Death Threats And Trying To Light Their House On Fire 


A couple weeks ago we blogged about some Providence fupasloths who got arrested for trying to fight their neighbors while the cops babysat them for an hour, then resisted arrest and whined about police brutality and racism. Police body cam footage shows that the cops did everything right, and they had been called to this address dozens of times in the last year. Almost everyone involved in the fight has a long and documented criminal record. These are just facts.

Today I was contacted by a Providence Journal reporter after this family accused me of being a white supremacist who is trying to kill them by lighting a fire outside their house and calling them on fake phone numbers threatening to strangle their kids to death. It came from this Facebook post from a non-profit called Direct Action for Rights and Equality.

Yea, none of that happened obviously. These are the leaders of this non-profit.

Are they all pedophiles? Possibly. I’m not a white supremacist but they felt free to call me that anyway, so I guess it would be OK for people to just call them pedophiles without evidence since those are the rules now.

This is all just a way to keep this clan of degenerates in the news so they can keep milking their GoFundMe, which is up to almost $15K.

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They broke the law, assaulted cops, got arrested, and made $15K for it. Meanwhile, the cop in the video who yelled “who wants it” when the mob wouldn’t listen and he began to pepper spray, was suspended for 10 days without pay by their sellout hack police chief, and the communist Mayor of Providence Jorge Elorza. The fact that we are living in a world where the bad guys make $15K and the cop loses two weeks salary for doing his job and keeping these worthless maggots in line, is everything that is wrong with the world today.

But wait, it gets worse. The officer who was suspended is named Patrick Hourahan, and supporters of his started a GoFundMe to help offset his salary loss. It raised over $20K.

But a mob led by this filthy disgusting hippie didn’t like that.

Steve Ahlquist is an activist who pretends to be a journalist and runs a communist media outlet called Uprise Rhode Island. He didn’t like that free people were choosing to freely donate money to an officer so that the officer could pay his bills after being suspended for doing his job, so him and his crew of unlovable Antifa goons mass reported the GoFundMe.

And of course it worked.

Same thing that happened with our completely legitimate GoFundMe for legal defense. Meanwhile the ratchets keep taking in new donos by the day for their completely illegitimate GFM.

Taffii Moore, the matriarch of this clan who raised several out of control punk kids who think it’s OK to fight the cops, held yet another press conference today and the media was down their kissing her ass, not asking any tough questions and continuing to treat her and her family of criminals like they’re the victims here.

Around the two minute mark she blames me, but mostly she blames John Depetro and the Providence Police for not helping her put out the fire that she probably started herself.

They’ have yet to produce any death threats they’ve received, most likely because they’re making that up in order to solicit more donations for the GoFundMe. I certainly never called her a “niglet.” I definitely referenced her fupa, because she is a disgusting, slovenly, horrible excuse for a mother, but I never go racial.

The best part was around the 18 minute mark when she said the cops should’ve just let her kids fight the neighbor’s kids because that’s part of growing up in a city. The fact that we have a subculture in America that thinks that’s a normal way to resolve differences is why people like this never leave Sayles Street their entire lives. Now these losers want the charges dropped against their rotten, out of control kids, and for the police to be held “responsible.” And so far they’ve gotten their wish because Mayor Elorza would rather stand by race baiting criminals than hard working police officers.


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