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Providence Police Body Cam Footage Shows Cops Tried To De-escalate For 30 Minutes Before Arresting Unruly Hoodboogers


Yesterday we published a blog about a group of ghetto guppies from Providence who got arrested for unknown reasons, and then their ratchet moms held a press conference whining about police brutality.

But now we have body camera footage from the older black cop who first attempted to arrest the topless man-boobed sweatpants and sandals teenager, and it shows a completely different story (as it always does).

So basically the cops got called there because the “Latinx” people in the red house had gotten into a fight with the African-American people in the blue house, because the people in the blue house were having a party with loud speakers and at some point they inevitably clashed. The real loser here were the environment and the taxpayers, who dump millions of dollars into neighborhoods like this and get videos like this as a return on their investment.

Despite living in abject poverty everyone involved was at least 40 pounds overweight, which didn’t stop any of them from spending the afternoon topless with their rolls hanging out in a driveway of broken dreams. For these people, this is as good as it gets. This is what life is all about.

Not a single person in the red house seemed to speak English, despite living in an English speaking country.

Don’t worry, we’ll cater to them. Assimilation and self-reliance are overrated anyway. After all, these are productive members of society.

Unfortunately you can’t fight your neighbors or violate noise ordinances, and since Plus Sized Sisqo was the one throwing the party she got a $200 ticket from the cop, which she wasn’t pleased about.

The police made it clear that all they wanted to do was leave, but they couldn’t since nobody would go inside and the second they left they’d be brawling again. So they had one rule – Black people stay in front of the blue house, Hispanic people stay in front of the red house, and don’t start any more fights with each other.

The man-boobed teenager couldn’t do that and began running his pole polisher in the middle of the street, at which point the police had had enough and went in to arrest him. That’s when the kid’s mother, who has more arrests and evictions than the entire town of Southbridge, decided she was going to prevent this from happening.

After that all Hell broke loose as one of his friends jumped on his back in order to prevent him from being arrested, and the transgender girl with a penis who has made no effort to look like a girl at all got arrested and misgendered.

And because all these hefalumps seem to think that yelling, screaming, and grabbing the cops is something you can do during an arrest, they all got pepper sprayed.

This poor beached manatee didn’t handle it too well.

Thots and prayers.

People like this don’t learn very well though, and their parents were making no effort to get them inside and away from all this debauchery, so another teen girl decided it would be a good idea to yell “shut the f*** up b****” at the already frustrated cops.

Good. The fact that we’re living in a world where it’s OK to treat anyone like that, never mind police officers, is everything that is wrong with the degradation of our society. Start locking these ingrates up and throwing the book at them and then maybe they’ll start to learn. Probably not.

I’d love to get any of these guttermuppets on the Live Show tomorrow night, especially this one:

Alynzea Quaranta can be found on Facebook hereI tried reaching out but she hasn’t responded. Post this link on her page and maybe we can get her attention. If not, try Taffii Moore, Kitty Reynoso, Envy Nikki, Zyrray Moore or Jessica Blakeley.

P.S. A source tells us that the people involved in this fight were the same ratchets involved in the Lincoln Woods brawl at the public beach a few weeks ago.

Burn Rhode Island to the ground.


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