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Poor Behavior

Providence Man Defends Wife’s Honor After Being Featured On TB For Bride Shaming By Threatening To Hurt Blogger, Hire Lawyer, Call Police


Yesterday I published a blog about a woman named Alivia Kent who shamed a bride in a Facebook group for brides, because that bridge got married in a church without a mask on, even though Alivia got married a couple weeks prior without any masks on.

I pointed out that she was not only a food stamp deadbeat who had been taken to court for not paying her rent, but she had married a career criminal who’s been charged with domestic strangulation, violation of a no contact order third offense, felony domestic assault, and larceny.

His name is Jason Magnan, and yesterday he messaged me to demand that the blog be removed.

For the record, I didn’t post pictures of anyone’s children. Not really my style. I did take a screenshot of her posting them for Facebook likes at a super spreader riot though.

I would love to hear more about this career criminal’s call to the police.

“Hello, my idiot wife ran her mouth on Facebook and attempted to shame a bride, but then she ended up getting shamed and my criminal history was exposed. Please send back up.”

For the record the photographer did not have to shut down her business. She’s just ashamed to have Jason and Alivia as clients because they are so horrible.

Normally Desk Girl Abi Horowitz handles these customer complaints, but she was on the throne draining her insides. Thus he could not fill out the blog removal form, but I did invite him on the live show tomorrow night. Sadly he did not take me up on the offer.

Probably gonna call anyway. Just sayin. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

At this point he decided to go the Attorney Richard N. Vulva route.

Massive deformation lawsuit, calling the cops, AND a threat to watch my back. The ratchet trifecta.

Finally he ended it by explaining why their super spreader wedding was OK, but the other woman’s was not, while vowing to hurt me if I didn’t give into his demands to remove the blog.

So scared.

If Jason wants the blog down he will have to come on the live show tomorrow night. He will have to convince the tribunal of Bret and I as to why the blog must come down, but thus far has made some convincing arguments so there might be a chance.


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