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Providence Music Teacher Urges Protesters To Burn And Loot The City In Response To Breonna Taylor Indictment, Says “Change Only Comes By Elongated Violence”



Odell Zeigler is a music teacher in the Providence Public Schools.


He decided to post his feelings yesterday about what people should do now that the police officers who incidentally killed Breonna Taylor during a raid at her stash house were not indicted on murder charges.

The best part is that after he posted that the city should be burned down by rioters someone immediately gave him a chance to take it back and say he was kidding, he had 13 minutes to contemplate what he posted, and instead of deleting the comment he doubled down and added looting on top of burning for good measure. He didn’t even try to hide it – “change comes from elongated violence.” And he thought nothing of it whatsoever because BLM has normalized looting and rioting, and the teacher’s union is just an arm of black lives matter at this point.

Keep in mind that four months ago massive riots happened in downtown Providence, cop cars were destroyed, the mall was raided, and Waraq was officially designated as a gang for inciting the riot. Maybe if school doesn’t work out for Odell he can join the hottest emerging iPhone rap group in the country and pop out of a cello or a grand piano.

It’s unclear what school he teaches at now. A search on Google yields many videos from Carl Lauro Elementary in Providence, which still has videos up of him on their Facebook page.

Prior to that he was the director of Gospel Choir at Providence College, and a graduate assistant at URI.

Last December he was featured on public radio, whining about racism at his new job as a music teacher at Mount Pleasant High School

The concerns they raised have dogged the profession for years. Odell Zeigler is a music teacher at Mount Pleasant High School. Cleaning out his classroom last year he discovered a letter dated 1992 from the former superintendent Arthur Zarrella. The letter reads, in part:

“I am aware of and concerned about the increasing number of reports I have heard regarding racial insults levelled at students, by other students and by adults. This situation will not be tolerated in Providence public schools, and all adults and authority positions have a legal and/or moral obligation to stop this activity.”

Zeigler said he was stunned.

“I read this, I said, ‘Whoa, they were dealing with this back in 1992.’ We’re still dealing with this now.”

Zeigler said he has been subject of racially insensitive comments in the school system. And brought up the letter during the meeting with Infante-Green because he’s worried the state won’t be able to do anything to address current problems, which contribute to the lack of diversity in the teaching staff.

“I wanted the Commissioner to get an understanding that we have to move beyond letters and statements,” Zeigler said. “I’m sick of talking about systematic racism ratio. I’m sick of talking about it. What can we do about it?”

People like Odell are sad due to the fact that someone said something racist in 1998, therefore the cops who shot Breonna Taylor should be indicted for murder, or else he has a right to burn, loot, and riot (BLM). They don’t care about facts, they just crave victim status. We’ve pampered and catered to BLM, despite undeniable data that shows there is no epidemic of police killing unarmed black people in this country, and this is the result. We now have teachers who see nothing wrong with openly posting that the city he works and lives in should be burned to the ground, and the business owners who pay his salary should have their lives destroyed because three cops in Kentucky weren’t lynched by the state.

Three years ago Springfield Police Officer Conrad Lariviere was fired for commenting “HAHA love this” on a Ben Shapiro post about a protester getting run over and killed. Odell Zeigler deserves the same fate. He promotes violence and is teaching this to his students. Email superintendent Harrison Peters at [email protected] to share your thoughts.


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