Waraq Rap Group Officially Labeled As Gang By Providence Police After Being Charged With Inciting A Riot At BLM Protests


Eariler in June we identified two members of the upstart rap group Waraw as instigators of the rioting and looting in Providence during the black lives matter peaceful protests. In particular we noticed the Tapioca Tornado and Transgender Janeane Garofalo leading the chard to begin looting.

They’re now being charged with inciting a riot.

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This part was my personal favorite.

The rap group — which police describe as a “gang” in the affidavit — has 20,000 views on a recent YouTube video, posted June 13. Its videos frequently feature members of the group suddenly jumping out of items like sheds or an upturned kayak.

Pallazo and Martinson did not comment on the charges when reached by Target 12. (A third member of Waraq, Devon Sweet, was also arrested on the scene for disorderly conduct but is not accused of inciting the riot.)

“What they call themselves, I couldn’t care less,” Providence Police Maj. David Lapatin told WPRI 12. “We’re going to hold them responsible if they want to come in as a group, or individually, into our city to cause this kind of chaos.”

Actually, there’s only one member of the group that suddenly jumps out of items like sheds or upturned kayaks – Ghetto Where’s Waldo. And here’s a compilation of his finest moments.

These are my ratchets and they’ve finally made the big time. I feel like a proud parent. It’s hard to jumpstart a burgeoning rap career without a charge, and inciting a riot is pretty solid street cred in which to build a career off of. They’re even listed as a gang in the official court docs.

To this day I still can’t figure out if these wigtacular Warwick bros are doing this because they think they’re good, or if it’s a less obvious Weird Al parody meant to drive traffic to their page. Probably the former, but if it’s the latter I would like to be their agent. Check out their Facebook page. Some of the videos have over 2 million views! I don’t care if it’s a joke or not, that’s valuable real estate. Plus, they’re so bad that no one would bother to harass whatever advertisers we brought in.


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