Providence Woman Unsure Of Who To Call When She Witnesses Women Of Color Assaulting Each Other In Street, Fears Being Racist If She Calls Police, Asks Facebook For Help


Katie Taylor is an Oregon transplant living in Providence.

As you can see, she gives new meaning to the term, “basic.” She is constantly virtue signaling.

Plans trips to Iceland.

And despite the fact that she goes out of her away to pretend that she cares about the plight of black people, she seems to almost exclusively hang out in white social circles, filled with basic Becky’s like herself.

Yesterday she posted a question in a Providence Facebook group that will go down in the Woke Basic Becky Hall of Fame.

Imagine five years ago someone posting something like this on Facebook. Everyone would mock them. Today this is considered normal. This is what BLM has done to white women in their 20’s.

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Katie saw a violent brawl in the middle of the street and chose not to prevent violence because of the color of the skin of the women involved. Had the women been white she would’ve taken proactive steps to ensure their safety, but because they were women of color she allowed them to hurt each other.

Because black lives matter.

She also happens to be trained in martial arts and could probably have broken it up herself, but instead she allowed them to beat the crap out of each other because she’s so brainwashed with propaganda that she believes Providence Police will show up and kill everyone involved for absolutely no reason. Who cares if a person of color gets their head based into the pavement by ratchets? As long as no cops came everyone will be safe.

The really crazy part is that pretty much everyone told her she did the right thing.

Another woman pointed out what I did about this being the most basic white chick thing ever, and Katie’s response was even better.

“Can you teach me how to be a better white person?”

It’s so funny watching BLM the moment they realize they need police because there is no viable alternative to prevent violence, especially if you’re against the second amendment too.

Then out of nowhere a man who I declared war on six months ago showed up out of nowhere to slightly redeem himself as the voice of reason.

I still can’t stand Hilario for helping Bristol Blarney hack into our Facebook account and write a threatening post to herself that she tried to use to get me arrested for violating a bogus temporary harassment order, but when you’re right, you’re right. If it was two white crackheads robbing and kicking the crap out of each other Katie would’ve called the cops in a hot minute and they could’ve de-escalated the situation to make sure no one got hurt. Instead she treated the women of color like wild animals on a safari and watched as they tore each other apart. There is nothing more racist than a white black lives matter “ally.”

Hilario got destroyed for asking that question too. Check out this insanity.


“I have input here from people of color indicating that not intervening is the right move.”

A black person who thinks it’s racist to ever call the police told her that she did the right thing, therefore all black people must feel this way. And this is the man right here who is the official voice of all black people.

Chris Johnson seems like a stable person who should be taken seriously based on his replies.

“You ain’t about that life.”

Not quite sure what being “about that life” means, but it looks incredibly hardcore.

“Never call police on black bodies. That is the definition of racism.”

I swear to God these people want black people to die. If you’re an old black lady and you get robbed, you better hope it’s a white person who did it or the woke patrol is going to tell you that you’re on your own.

Then there was this guy.

Bootleg Anthony Bourdain is willing to sit back and watch black and brown women beat each other for his amusement because the only other alternative is being shot in the face by a cop.

It was just one of many examples of, “when the comment matches the face” after another.

Every. Single. Time.

The funniest part about this whole thing is that she chose to ask a Facebook group what to do. It’s not that she was apathetic or didn’t care, it’s that she didn’t know what to do the moment she finally realized that the police exist for a reason, and sometimes you have to call them on black and brown people in order to protect black and brown victims. She is petrified of becoming the next Barbecue Becky or Central Park Karen, and she’s willing to let women of color suffer in order to make sure that never happens. Instead of just going about her day or intervening she chose instead to go to a Facebook group so the craziest black guy in New England would pat her on the head and say “good white girl,” so she can convince herself that she fixed racism. This is your brain on black lives matter.


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