Psycho Dad Part 2: Jason Moodley Arrested After Threatening DCF Workers, Attacking Dead Woman’s Mother, Harassing Court Officials After Losing Custody Of Daughter


Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (1:01:45)

In part 1 of this series we told you about how Shrewsbury man Jason Moodley sabotaged his own pot festival by sending racist messages, and had several run-ins with the law over his online postings accusing another man of being a pedophile.

Jason and Ashley Sheehan, the mother of his daughter, were both passengers in the car that crashed on the Mass Pike in 2016, killing her. But prior to that she was a victim of mental abuse and was making moves to leave him. As the lone parental survivor Jason had sole custody of his daughter, despite losing custody of his two older kids (with another woman).

Jason began dating a woman named Shayla Kelly in January of 2018. They lived together in her home in Charlton where she was the primary caregiver for Jason’s daughter. His behavior towards her was controlling and abusive. She attempted to end their relationship in July of 2019, but was concerned about leaving his daughter in his care. He had dozens of police calls and 51A reports filed by police.

In January of 2020 Shayla reported Jason to DCF after he threatened to kill himself and put hands on his daughter, at which point Ashley Sheehan’s mother Robin Castle took in her granddaughter. Jason was hostile towards Robin immediately after her daughter was killed in the accident. From his bedside he accused the grieving mother of stealing from him and became antagonistic towards Ashley’s family.

As the years have gone by Jason has become increasingly confrontational towards Robin, and it got much worse once Robin gained temporary custody of his daughter. Jason began an online smear campaign against Robin, accusing her of giving his daughter beg bud bites, and alleging that Robin was a drug addict. He accused her of using his daughter as a piggy bank, and posted his messages to her on Facebook.

With the child safely in Robin’s care Shayla ended the relationship and kicked him out early in 2020, which he didn’t take well according to Shayla:

I own the house we lived in together so I kicked him out once I had enough of his shit. He came back to my house a few times to “get his stuff” but instead of taking his shit, he broke my garage window and the door, took all my door knobs/handles off my doors so I couldn’t close up my house, he ripped stuff off walls. After 4 trips to my house and having to have the police there, Charlton police told him no more going to my housem no more “getting his stuff out”, he can take me to court for because they were sick of dealing with him. He tried to convince DCF that I had drug and alcohol problems (I don’t). 

While we were fighting in July, he threw lit cigarettes in my face, spit at me, and threatened to drive his car off the road, at the accident site where Ashley died.

As a result of this Shalya obtained an abuse prevention order against Jason in Dudley District Court in April of 2020.  The order, which specifically stated that he was not to post about Shayla on social media or have any contact with her, was extended for a full year in May 2020.

He continued to try to harass her though:

He was constantly calling and messaging my family and close friends to try to get information about me and to try to convince them I needed help with my “destructive behavior.” He would call the police at all hours of the day and night to send them to my house to do wellness checks on me because “he was really worried about me and my drinking” (I was dead SOBER each time)

Shayla still visited his daughter at Robin’s house since she had become a maternal figure to her. On April 22, 2020 he was charged with violating the order during a Facetime call with his daughter, by using that time to attempt to communicate with Shayla.

Jason somehow regained custody of his daughter in October 2020, only to lose her again in May 2021 when he began to make deranged Facebook posts, baselessly accusing Shayla’s new boyfriend Casey Defrene of being a pedophile.


He was charged with violating the order against Shayla for these posts, and had an order taken out against him by Casey Defrene. He then violated that order against Casey a couple weeks later by posting about him on Facebook. His behavior in court was described as volatile.


In September 2021 Jason reached out to me directly, asking for my help in “exposing serious government corruption,” by exposing DCF for wrongfully taking his kid and not protecting her. He also attacked Robin Castle, accusing her of being a crackhead and exposing her to people who molested her (Shayla and Casey, neither of whom molested her).

Technically this was a violation of the order Shayla had on him because he was attempting to use a 3rd party (me) to smear her.

In January 2022 Jason was sentenced to 1.5 years probation.

If he continued to post about Shayla, Casey or his daughter he would be in violation.

Meanwhile, Jason’s daughter was living in a foster home while he had weekly visits. The permanency goal was to reunite her with her father. The court appointed a guardian ad litem (GAL), who acted as her attorney. The GAL filed a motion to force Jason to stop posting about her as well after he used her in an ad to promote his pot festival. The court banned him from posting images of his daughter on social media, threatening lawyers, judges, and DCF workers, and sharing confidential information about his daughter.


A few weeks ago Jason began to flagrantly violate the order after being informed by DCF that the new permanency plan for his daughter was for her to be adopted. This caused him to spiral out of control on social media, harass social workers at all hours of the night, and encouraged people to harass the GAL by posting her email address. He said that he would “make you all pay,” that he had nothing to lose, and said that it was “hunting season” for government workers protecting pedophiles. He also claimed that he had “gone public,” and that his story would be covered extensively by media sources, including Turtleboy. He posted the phone numbers for his DCF workers and announced that he was organizing a protest at his next supervised visit with his daughter in early August, and even offered the first 50 people who joined the protest free tickets to his pot festival.






None of this went over well with the judge, and Jason was ordered by the court to remove all Facebook posts. His visitations were completely ended as a result of the planned protest, and he was represented by Crissy Yakimowsky’s attorney Mike Maloney.


Prior to all this happening he sent our Facebook page a message on July 23, hoping that we would help him expose DCF, and received an automated reply we’ve set up. He took this to mean that we were ignoring him and posted about it on Facebook.



He acted like he had some big scoop that he was going to give to another media outlet. Finally one of the admins on the page responded to him to tell him that I was doing the Live Show and obviously couldn’t respond to his madness.


He was hoping that I would blog about his story and smear DCF for him because the court ordered him to stop talking. But attempting to weaponize another person (me) is still a violation of the order.


He then applied for a job and offered to be my coffee bitch.


While I was away on vacation Jason was arrested for violating the order and spent three nights in jail, so the protest never happened. His Facebook page is now completely gone for the moment.

Meanwhile, Jason is still promoting his Higher Education pot festival, which once again caused controversy when he said that military veterans are the biggest pussies on the face of the planet.


He accused any band that pulled out of protecting pedophiles for believing DCF and the courts, and disparaged deceased musicians by calling them junkies and rapists. In this video he once again violated the order by mentioning Casey and called him a pedophile.


He also impersonated a Shrewsbury Police Officer, pretending to be a made up Lt named Sara Samakus (which is eerily similar to the name of his social worker) while harassing another woman.


The death of Ashley Sheehan was a tragedy, not only because her family lost her, but because her daughter’s life was forever damaged with only Jason Moodley left as a parent. If Ashley hadn’t died she would’ve broken up with him, raised her properly, and Jason eventually would’ve lost custody. Robin Castle was denied the chance to be there for her grandmother, and was smeared as a pedophile by her monster son-in-law. Had Ashley not died then Shayla never would’ve been in the picture, and both her and Casey would’ve been protected from years of online defamation and harassment. That one fateful crash affected so many people, but hopefully now the little girl will begin the process of being adopted and have some sort of normal life moving forward. In this case DCF did its job, and did it well.



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