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Public Records Request Shows City Of Boston Gave Monica Cannon-Grant $54K COVID Relief Grant She Never Documented, Spent Money On LTC’s And Guns Threatening Critics


Last September I filed a public records request with the City of Boston requesting all emails between Monica Cannon-Grant and the City of Boston, as well as all checks paid to Monica Cannon-Grant and/or her fraudulent nonprofit Violence in Boston. At the time I had just written a two part expose on VIB, and how it had not filed annual reports or done their taxes, despite appearing to be a multi-million dollar organization. What was more disturbing was the fact that Cannon-Grant had published a series of racist, violent, and threatening videos online, including a disturbing video threatening to kill black female Congressional candidate Rayla Campbell, and accusing her of “riding white penis for a credit score” because her husband is white.

Despite all this Cannon-Grant stayed in the good graces of local politicians, who were not afraid to be associated with her despite her frequent unstable racist episodes. Many of them feared they would be called racist by her, while others like Mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell and Senatorial Candidate Joe Kennedy were hoping for her endorsement.

Just the other day Campbell tagged her in a tweet about raising money for earthquake relief in Haiti.

Monica did start a GoFundMe for Haiti relief that has raised over $5K, and given her track record she will almost certainly pocket all the money and report none of it on her taxes. She admitted in the description that she has no idea who she will be sending the money to, but says the money will be used to buy a boat that will send essential items to Haiti since she doesn’t trust the Red Cross. She asked that those who aren’t donating remain silent and not ask any questions.

The City of Boston had two weeks to get back to me about my request and took 11 months. We found out that in May of 2020 VIB received a $53,977 grant from the Boston Resiliency Fund, as part of its COVID free for all giveaway.

Monica was upset that it didn’t get to her fast enough, and claimed that she was low on funds.

After George Floyd was killed a month later VIB brought in over $1 million in grants and donations alone in the month of June. There is no accounting for any of this money, despite bragging about receiving it on social media.

However, even prior to profiting off of Floyd’s death Monica was posting constantly about her never ending revenue stream.

Just four days after getting the $54K COVID relief grant, which she never posted about publicly, she was asking for more money.


As you can see, she is constantly bringing in money, does not account for any of it, and has recently bought a home and gone on luxury vacations with no oversight from the Attorney General’s Office. Her organization was granted more money under the COVID program than programs for the elderly and immigrants.

The grant did come with stipulations though – VIB had to show that they were feeding 1,000 people meals per day.

However, an email from the Resiliency Fund in October indicated that she had never reported or documented anything.

There were no communications back from her regarding this matter, so she likely just ignored it and pocketed the money. She certainly did not feed over 1,000 people per day out of her rent free Hyde Park headquarters.

Monica also received a check from the City for $2,500 in September for “installation of signage” outside VIB headquarters.

This was for the grand opening at the rent free building Monica operates her lucrative, fraudulent nonprofit out of. We peacefully protested this event and were assaulted by VIB employees sent by Monica.

By the looks of it Monica has no idea how to apply for grants and has other people do that for her. A woman named Corinne Espinoza, who describes herself as doing “anti-poverty, anti-racist work” for the Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee, helps out VIB quite a bit.

The CEOC is a mostly white run nonprofit that helps people of color do their taxes and fill out forms to apply for government assistance. Corinne did all the work for Monica to get her paperwork in order and make sure the grant came through. At the time (April 2020) VIB still had not done its taxes for 2018 or 2019.

Two weeks ago Cannon-Grant posted a video of herself locking and loading a handgun, while insinuating threats against a “Light skin Black man,” who has been critical of her organization. This light skinned black man and I do not agree on much politically, but we are civil with each other, which Monica finds unacceptable. He once came on my show to interview me as some of his followers wrongly believed I was some sort of white supremacist, so she refers to him as a KKKoon.

How was this unstable lunatic granted a LTC? Here she is threatening to kill Boston cops for detaining her son.

Remember, this is her son making violent and threatening rap videos.

According to a Boston Police report on August 3 she also posted videos of herself threatening that this light skinned black man was “onsite going to get it.”

In the first video Monica claims that she,

“Went to local community black men. At first it was “we gonna roll up on him, he don’t get to attack black women.” We got you gang-gang. Then I noticed they were having side conversations with this dude and they said, “maybe you are wrong.”” 

This is her talking about either me or the light skinned black man she hates. She was hoping that her “gang-gang” friends would “roll up on” me, but they didn’t. Prompting her to say:

“I started recognizing that I was the realest n***a on my team. I paid for 32 black women to get their LTC.”

She used grant funds from the City to get 32 black women their LTC? Will she be reporting that on her taxes? Is that what the grant was supposed to be used for? This woman is delusional, and believes she needs to be armed because she was “ambushed by armed white supremacists” outside of VIB. That was me. I’m the “armed white supremacist.” This was us peacefully protesting outside of VIB before being assaulted at the 28 and 38 minute marks.

Monica claimed that the light skinned black man and I were the reason she had to move out of her government housing in Roxbury, and into a new home in an undisclosed location. She claims that 300 armed white supremacists were sitting outside of her old home, necessitating the move, and that Maura Healey’s office would not arrest me for what were clearly just delusions in her head.

I’m almost tired of writing about Monica Cannon-Grant because nobody in power cares, because they only act when the Boston Globe writes about something. But I know you care, and I’ll never stop exposing the truth. So long as the media continues to paint Monica as a charitable leader in the black community they will never report on her long and documented history of violence, racism, and fraud. But I will.


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