Punk Rock Revere High School Teacher Announces Signing Bonus For Unqualified Non-White Teachers, Says She Likes Students Who Denounce Republican Parents


This is Revere High School teacher Nancy Barile.

She’s been making some job listing posts on Facebook that were recently brought to our attention.

So Revere is looking for teachers, and if you’re not certified don’t worry about. They’ll figure that out later. But if you’re not what Monica Cannon-Grant refers to as “clear folk,” you get a signing bonus and free money towards your Master’s Degree. This is what used to be called “racial discrimination.” It was outlawed because it only benefited white people, but now that people like Nancy have figured out that it can be used to undo historical wrongs we call it “equity.”

Unsurprisingly Nancy is not a fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently instituted a program that would allow veterans to become teachers. She shared this:

Yea Ron, only qualified people can be teachers at Revere High School.

So just sign up and we’ll get you a license from the same place Tony Branch got his theology degree.

According to Nancy she also doesn’t want Republicans to send their children to Revere High School.

Imagine thinking that Republicans were the party of the rich when Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, George Soros, the Clintons, and the Obamas were a thing? Or when every major tech company, big pharma, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the vast majority of millionaires donated to and voted for Democrats?

Nancy likes it when her students denounce their Republican parents though.

Anyway, fighting for racial justice is nothing new for Nancy. In 2017 she attended Monica Cannon-Grant’s protest against imaginary white supremacists who never showed up at the Boston Common. Her husband Al saw a Neo-Nazi and totally almost kicked his ass. This story TOTALLY happened.

What a God damn bad ass!!

Nancy is also some sort of author and “award winning educator,” who used to be a punk rocker, which makes it easier to connect with Revere kids.

But her punk rock days are over and Nancy pretty much just shills for the establishment now, spewing things about equity and Orange man bad, that she knows will be well received in the field of academia.

But if Revere is really offering bonuses to teachers for the color of their skin, and denying it to people who have the wrong skin color, that should really be looked into.


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