Putnam Mother Arrested For Causing Crash While Drunk With 3 Year Old Daughter In Backseat Attempts To Defend Herself On WINY Radio Facebook Page


Putnam, CT woman named Tara Rankin was arrested earlier this week for causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol, with her three year old fruit a la crotch in the backseat.

If you ever have your arrest report posted on WINY Radio it’s best to deactivate your Facebook. If they don’t post your mugshot then count your lucky stars, because that never happens and there’s no coming back from that sort of public shaming.

But Tara Rankin has chosen to do the worst thing possible – attempt to defend herself in the comments section.

“The first to judge are just as at fault.”

No. Just no. Judging you for being a horrible mother doesn’t make me equal in any way whatsoever. I say mean things on the Internet, you endanger the life of your child and other people. These things are not the same.

She also shared that her father was killed by a drunk driver, which she somehow believes justifies drinking and driving.

No one cares that you work two jobs or consider yourself a “fantastic mother.” You get drunk and crash into other cars with your kids in the backseat. Judgement rendered.

Turns out she was lying about it not being a three car accident too. We found that out when someone whose daughter she crashed into showed up on the WINY Radio page to call her out on it.

“Already talked to my insurance…it was not my fault seeing she was trying to pass a moving car on the right.”

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Girl, you were drunk. I assure you it was 100% your fault and will be viewed that way by the police and your insurance company. But keep pushing that narrative and see where it leads you.

She kept showing pictures of her car too, like it proved something.

We get it, your car went from a Putnam 8 to a Putnam 6. It doesn’t change the fact that you were drunk and verbally assaultive to the police.

Anyway, keep working on those Snapface filters and telling yourself you’re a good Mom after crashing into a car with your child in the backseat while under the influence during the middle of the day.

You sure convinced me.


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