Quincy Mom Who Helped Daughter Curb Stomp 12 Year Old Girl Also Filmed Her Beating Another Girl 3 Weeks Ago, Police Put Out Warrant For Her Arrest


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Yesterday we published a blog about a Quincy mother named Rakeima Norris who helped her daughter beat up a 12 year old girl by pulling the girl down by her hair and allowing her face to be stomped on.


This is the Quincy Queef Jerkey’s mother Thelma, the girl’s grandmother.

She is apparently some sort of online penis fly trap salesman, so it’s hardly surprising her lineage is filled with so many current and future trashbags.

The blog got a lot of attention, including from the Quincy Police who posted on Facebook that a warrant was issued for Momma Pajama Drama’s arrest.

Turtleboy justice.

However, this isn’t the first time Rakeima has done something like this. A few weeks ago she filmed her niece assaulting another white girl who didn’t hit back.

This is a message we received from that girl’s mother.

About three weeks ago I went to QPD because her daughter has been bullying my child since May of 2021. In June her daughter assaulted my child (three blows to the head). I pulled her out of Quincy public schools because they just do not care about how bad the bullying gets. My daughter now suffers from PTSD and social anxiety. Three weeks ago Neveah fought that girl behind BMMS and several hours later my phone is being blown up with all these threats. How they are going to murder my child and bury her down at the beach and I told the mother and aunt to stop harassing me or it will become a police matter and they didn’t care. I went to QPD and they shunned me away because of my area code. I feared for her safety, and all QPD did was tell me to go to Rockland Police. This fight could have been all prevented if they just listened to me. 

Here’s a message Rakeima left the victim’s mother shortly after her daughter was assaulted, calling her a “white cracker”, and threatening to pull up to her house and murder both her and her daughter.


She then sent the following text messages, mocking the girl for being suicidal.

Again, imagine if there were text messages like that from a white woman calling a black woman racial slurs and threatening to murder her daughter. Then imagine 3 weeks later they jumped another white girl while yelling racial slurs at her. Might be a little bit controversial if that happened.

This isn’t her first run in with the law either.  Rakeima has been charged in Roxbury and BMC Central with threatening to commit a crime, A&B with a dangerous weapon, assault, and skipping jury duty.

So it’s hardly surprising to see her doing it again. Nor was it surprising that they had to go to probate court to force the girl’s suspected baby daddy to submit a blood sample to see if his man chowder was the one fertilized Rakeima’s sperm sponge.


It appears as if at one point Momma Pajama Drama fancied herself a scholar, posting her research papers about civil rights leaders on the world wide internets.


But I guess somewhere along the line she decided to go down a more ratchet road that ended up with her being featured on Turtleboy.

I can’t wrap my head around what a trash, disgusting person you have to be to routinely go around filming your daughter as you encourage her to beat up white girls. Somehow this vile individual has managed to stay out of jail because of the joke we call our judicial system in Massachusetts. Let’s hope she actually has to face consequences for what she did this time.

Anyway, if Rakeima doesn’t turn herself in by tomorrow she’s welcome to come on the live show. I’m sure she will be reading this, so email me at [email protected] and we can make that happen girl!


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