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Quincy Mother Previously Charged With Reporting False Crime Attempts To Raise $1,500 From Strangers For Lawyer After Baby Daddy Allegedly Beats Child With Belt


Last year we blogged about Crystal Bertozzi, AKA the Wareham Lizard Wizard, after she claimed that two of her four biracial children were called the n word by a Quincy resident after Mom pimped them out as slave labor.

Just to review, her 7 and 10 year old kids shoveled out 14 inches of snow out of the goodness of their own hearts, but one of the people they shoveled for initially didn’t want them to help because they only take free slave labor from white kids. Luckily her children were pretty forgiving and shoveled it out for her anyway, and Mom immediately virtue signaled about it on Facebook so she could be a hero and a victim at the same time.

Crystal re-emerged yesterday and was spamming community pages all over the south shore looking for money for a lawyer because her baby daddy allegedly whipped one of the children with a belt.

So the court isn’t taking child abuse seriously, even though the police have documented it and she says she’s gotten a restraining order. She didn’t have an attorney for her upcoming and scheduled custody hearing, and is now using this alleged abuse to find one at the last minute. The problem is the attorney likes to get paid and won’t take a postdated check, so she’s hitting up strangers on community pages and asking them to pay her legal bills for her.

Nothing shady about that!

On almost every page her post was red flagged for being TB alumni and eventually removed by admins.

According to her DCF told her that whipping a kid repeatedly is just discipline.

And in case anyone thought she was lying she cleared it up by offering complete strangers pictures of her bruised child and the police report.

So DCF told her to get a restraining order and she did. Weird, because earlier she said that they told her they were “neutral” and that it was a “simple case of discipline.”

Almost like Crystal is an attention seeking liar who routinely uses her kids for sympathy to solicit donations. Not like she’s never done that before.

Meanwhile, she’s virtue signaling on Facebook about how she turned her face into an interpretive art project to show her support for the Patron Saint of Fentanyl, George Floyd.

Deep stuff right there.

I’m not saying this kid didn’t get whooped by his sperm donor. But what I am saying is that she has been arrested for reporting a false crime before.

And she has used the kids’ misfortunes, which seem to happen a lot, to raise money from total strangers on community Facebook pages in the past.

By maybe this time it’s for real. Maybe.


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