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Quincy Woman Looking For Under The Table Job So She Can Keep Collecting Disability While Working


This is Rachael Fleming from Quincy.

She woke up today and decided to announce in the Everything Quincy Facebook group that she was looking to commit disability fraud by finding an under the table job she could work while continuing to leach off the government.

Being a rotund liberal is apparently a disease now.

She was informed that this was an unwise thing to post on Facebook, but that didn’t really seem to bother her.

As you can imagine, most of the comments were overwhelmingly negative, which lead to a delete and retreat followed by a “people are mean and judgmental” post.


All you people who have an issue with this woman who’s healthy enough to work all week collecting taxpayer money NOT to work because she’s “disabled,” are cruel and mean. Stealing money from the taxpayers might be unethical and illegal, but at least it isn’t mean! Only God can judge!

She also has a problem with the government spending too much money, despite being the poster child for bloated and wasteful government, because the next generation will have to pay off all this debt.

Or something. If only people thought ahead more like her.


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