Rachael Rollins Interfered In Mikayla Miller Investigation, Suggested To Mother That Marian Ryan Was Covering Up Murder While Ignoring Murder Of Grandmother In Boston


Over the weekend Calvina Strothers sat down with Tamika Mallory and “Bishop” Talbert Swan to further spread the unfounded accusation that 5 white children murdered her daughter Mikayla Miller. I’ll analyze that whole interview in a later blog, because she says a lot, and the two people who interviewed her are two of the worst people on the planet. During the interview Calvina lied several times, including claiming that Marian Ryan never interviewed the 5 kids (they were interrogated extensively, had their phones confiscated by the state police, and had surveillance tapes pulled from a Sturbridge Wendy’s to confirm their alibis), and stated that all of them were white. But it’s what she said about communicating with Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins that stood out the most.


“I heard from Suffolk District Attorney, she contacted me personally on Sunday. I heard from Rachael Rollins. I talked to Rachael Rollins several times. Rachael Rollins forwarded my information to Marian on Sunday.”

Hopkinton is 26.2 miles from Suffolk County. Why was the DA from Suffolk County reaching out to the mother of a suicide victim in Hopkinton? Who alerted her to this? Why was she interfering in a police investigation in a county she has no jurisdiction in?

Strothers says she heard from her “several times.” Rollins obviously suggested to her that Marian Ryan was doing something wrong, and put it in her head that this was a murder. In doing so she deliberately undermined Ryan’s investigation, which was thorough and near completion. Hearing from a black DA that a white DA was potentially covering up the lynching of her daughter, rather than hearing it from a lunatic like Monica Cannon-Grant, likely made it sound a lot more legitimate to Strothers.

Ryan should file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against Rollins for obstruction. This woman has displayed a pattern of thinking she is above the law.

Rollins has a history of working behind the scenes to communicate with people she has no business contacting, in order to cause chaos. Last summer she publicly denounced Monica Cannon-Grant’s racist and threatening video about black congressional candidate Rayla Campbell. Behind the scenes Rollins then began text messaging Campbell, giving her information on Monica and her whereabouts, knowing Campbell would show up and disrupt. Acting on a tip from Rollins on August 17 Campbell showed up at a Joe Kennedy campaign event where she knew Cannon-Grant would be, in order to cause a scene.

Campbell, who’s running a write-in campaign to get on the November ballot, said she wants an apology from Cannon-Grant. Campbell said she was alerted to the press conference by Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

Campbell turned it around on Rollins when she published the text messages, and ended up getting blocked by the District Attorney.

Most importantly, why is Rachael Rollins trying to turn suicides into homicides in other counties she has no jurisdiction in, when just days before she contacted Calvina Strothers she announced that she would leave no stone unturned to find out who killed 73 year old Boston grandmother Delois Brown as she sat on her front porch in broad daylight and was gunned down.

“We will find you and we will hold you accountable. I don’t want to hear about COVID, I don’t want to hear about anything else. This woman deserved to be alive,” she said.

She made this statement on April 11. According to Strothers, Rollins contacted her on Sunday, April 18. Does this sound like a woman who “doesn’t want to hear about anything else?” She was literally going and looking for new murders in places she doesn’t belong. She was disturbing what was already a tragedy (suicide) and was covertly trying to turn it into a race riot by putting it in the mother’s head that this was a murder. She likely suggested that Ryan was not doing her job properly because she was white, and suggested that the police cannot be trusted (something she has done many times before), which caused Strothers to distrust her and the police.

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All this while Delois Brown’s killer remains at large. Rollins doesn’t like going after actual murderers in the county she serves, but she does like turning innocent white kids into murderers and sewing distrust with the police in other counties.




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