Rachael Rollins Says It’s Racist To Have COVID Vaccine Distributed In South Boston Or Fenway Park Because Of Adam Jones Incident, Vows To Drop Charges Against BLM Rioters


Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins is under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, and according to sources who spoke with TB Daily News they are taking it quite seriously. The State Police are pulling tapes from the area where her alleged road rage incident occurred, and her behavior may be more egregious than it was originally reported to be. Rollins is reportedly under consideration by the Biden administration to be appointed US Attorney for Massachusetts, although it’s unclear at this time if they are aware of this scandal. The Boston Globe, which credited TB Daily News for breaking this story, recently published an op-ed saying that the investigation should be thorough and quick.

Current US Attorney Andrew Lelling is a superstar who has prosecuted corrupt judges like Shelley Joseph and criminal Mayors like Jasiel Correia. If Rollins were to be appointed to the position she would no doubt let these criminals go free as she focuses on bothering police officers for doing their job. This weekend she tweeted that she wanted to drop the charges against black lives matter rioters and looters in Boston because the Justice Department isn’t charging people who didn’t go into the Capitol building during the riot in Washington.

Traditionally the Suffolk County DA does not drop charges against dangerous people who commit crimes simply because another law enforcement official chose to drop charges against other individuals which are entirely unrelated and not comparable to the offenses committed in Suffolk County. Then again, most DA’s also wouldn’t threaten make up an allegation to have a Boston 25 News reporter arrested on camera either.

It’s clear at this point that Rollins is completely unhinged and has no business running a Panera Bread, never mind overseeing law and order in Suffolk County or the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Today Rollins woke up, picked up her phone and decided to rant about how it’s racist to give out the COVID vaccine in South Boston because apparently there are no black people there.

It should be noted that during the Howie Carr Show Rollins called the area of the South Bay Mall, which is a stone’s throw away from South Boston, a “haven for emotionally disturbed people and people with substance use disorder.” (3:25)

This would be a centrally located area, right off the highway, with a heavy concentration of at risk individuals. But I guess it’s not as black and in the middle of nowhere as Hyde Park, so it must be racist. Everything is racist with this woman.

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Someone pointed this out, and instead of just not responding because she’s the District Attorney of a major American city, she decided to go at it with some guy named Dave Wedge.

Nice to see that she’s concerned about kids at home in virtual school all of a sudden. And I guess she thinks we should just build vaccine sites on every corner. Question – where is the federal government with the vaccines? In Joe Biden’s racist America I guess we’re only putting up vaccine sites in white neighborhoods. How many people must die from COVID under Killer Joe’s watch before we impeach this deranged lunatic?

Someone else pointed out that Fenway Park will also be a COVID vaccine site shortly, but of course that was racist too because fans yell the n word there.

Ya got that? You can’t distribute the vaccine at a large, centrally located facility like Fenway Park because Adam Jones was allegedly called the n word loudly enough for him to hear it in center field by several people in the bleachers throughout an entire game in 2017, without a single other person hearing it. It should be noted that Jones’ story has been thoroughly debunked time and time again. Sources tell us that Dan Shaughnessy and others at the Globe do not believe Jones account, but they have been forced to maintain the company line that it did, and that Red Sox ownership apologizes to Jones for this.

No word on whether Rollins thought it was racist when Fenway Park was used for voting, or why it’s not racist to share links to the Boston Globe since the Globe and the Red Sox are both owned by the same person.

If you search for the word “racism” in Rollins’ tweets you’ll find lots of tweets like this one, suggesting that she will use racial quotas in her hiring because white ADAs are unable to prosecute black criminals without being racist.

Or this one, telling Boston cops to take a knee for BLM rioters and looters, who she now wants to drop the charges against.

It’s not the first time she’s gotten into it with some random Twitter user either. She has a long and documented history of being aggressive with civilians, which in combination with her behavior towards the Boston 25 News reporter makes it even more believable that she would threaten a white woman during a road rage incident. In June she told some random woman on Twitter named Kelly to “be quiet” and “sit down,” because she’s white and can’t comment on issues involving the police.

This woman is a deranged and dangerous lunatic. She routinely bullies and threatens people in person and online who disagree with her, and she uses the race card as a crutch. She’ll never be voted out because the people she represents are equally as horrid and will continue to support her, but she could be disbarred and reprimanded by the AG’s office, and she should be.


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