Rachael Rollins Threatens To Go After Anyone Who Criticizes Boston Children’s Hospital For Videos Bragging About Mutilating Kids’ Genitals


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My son told me he was a dolphin so I started feeding him fish, threw him in the ocean, and called it species affirming care.

If I actually did this most of you would be calling DCF on me and pointing out what a psychopath I was. But millions of kids in this country are being groomed to have their genitals removed by adults masquerading as healthcare workers.

Boston Children’s Hospital has been getting exposed this week on Twitter for videos they put out bragging about mutilating gender confused children, calling it the Orwellian term “gender affirming care.” Employees at the hospital brag about how children they help “transition” know they are transgender in the womb, even though children in the womb have no concept of self and are incapable of seeing themselves as individual entities.

“They might say phrases like I’m a girl, or I’m a boy. Kids know very early.”

My son told me he was a girl when he was 1 year old, but I didn’t seek “gender affirming care” because I’m not a child abusing psychopath. We laughed when he first said it, but it’s scary to think that there are so many people with “hate has no place here” signs in their yards who would take his statements as fact and begin the process to sexually mutilate him.

“We see a variety of children all the way to ages 2 and 3, up to the ages of 9. We’ll be talking to them about their gender, and that they have the space and support to explore their gender.”

If you’re an adult who wants to sit down with a 2 year old and “explore their gender,” then you are a creep and a predator who should spend the rest of your life in jail. It’s just that simple.

Here’s another video in which a BCH employee says that evidence of a child being transgender is refusing to get a haircut, refusing to stand to urinate, trying on a sibling’s clothing, or playing with a sibling’s toys. They admit that this is a “growing population.”

My son has done all of those things. Why? Because he has an older sister and he doesn’t wanna be left out so he has to play with her stuff.

The population of “transgender kids” is only growing because being woke is cool and trendy now. Kids have been doing all of those things for years and we just let them grow out of it. Sometimes they turn out to be gay or Tom boys, and that’s OK too. Now it’s become trendy to send them to gender affirming shrinks like this “doctor,” who begin to medically transition them at the age of 10.

Back when people were normal we would look at a 3 year old playing dress up with his older sister as a kid not wanting to be left out. Now we view it as evidence that they should begin the transition of chopping off their genitals and convincing them that they’re something they’re not.

Here’s an employee bragging about “gender affirming hysterectomies” for young girls.

Her creepy smile while she’s talking about removing a child’s uterus is the most disturbing part of that video.

Here’s another video in which they admit that they begin removing children’s genitals at the age of 17.

If your doctor looks like this:

Then it’s time to get a new doctor. The people she’s talking about mutilating are not mature enough to vote, drive past midnight, buy a gun, or drink a beer, but they can chop off their penises.

And to chop off their gerber servers a child only has to be 15.

Good thing we all knew exactly what we wanted when we were 15 and the adults in our lives allowed us to make life altering, irreversible decisions about our bodies.

Here’s a doctor talking about how they cut off parts of a girl’s forearm to create a non-functioning penis after they get rid of her uterus.

Literally Frankenstein.

Matt Walsh, Libs of Tik Tok, Billboard Chris, and Christopher Rufo have been some of the loudest about these videos, and unsurprisingly a lot of people are shocked about what they’ve seen. So the BLT-123 mafia and their communist foot soldiers in the media did what they always do whenever something horrible they’re doing gets exposed – turn themselves into the victims, complain about “death threats,” blame the people exposing them, and demand that those people be censored and kicked off social media. A transgender communist professor at Harvard named Alejandra Caraballo has been leading the charge, and is calling criticism of the mutilation of children “stochastic terrorism,” because framing everything they don’t like as terrorism is easier than defending their actual positions. This dude literally wakes up every day, seeks out people who offend him and could easily block, and uses the institutional power he has as a “transgender” Harvard professor to demand social media companies silence them.


Their end goal is always the same – demand social media companies silence and ban anyone who points out what they’re doing, by suggesting that failure to silence legitimate criticism will get people killed.

And why wouldn’t they? It works. You’re not even allowed to call these people groomers anymore because enough of them complained that it’s hate speech to point out that they’re sexually grooming children. Our friend Nicole Solas, a South Kingstown mother who built a following on Twitter by exposing what was happening her town’s public schools, came on the Live Show this week to talk about being thrown off Twitter for doing just that.


BCH issued a statement victimizing themselves, claiming that the phone calls they’re receiving are the result of “misinformation” (step 1 to censorship), and condemning the “attacks” they’re getting when people share videos of BCH employees bragging about mutilating children.


They denied performing hysterectomies on anyone under 18, and were backed up by the “fact checking” left wing organization called PolitiFact.



Except BCH’s own website said they perform vaginoplasty at the age of 17.


Right on cue the BLT-123 mafia weaponized their lapdogs in the mainstream to ignore the actual videos people are upset about and focus on the “threats” employees have been receiving as a result of the videos being broadcast to a larger audience. They refer to it as “gender affirming care,” because they know that the people who still listen to them will be less offended by that then “genital mutilation of children.”

“False claims about its treatment of young transgender people.”

Every allegation that’s been made has been backed up by videos and data from BCH themselves. For instance, BCH did 65 irreversible breast removal surgeries on minors from 2017-2020.


They desperately want you to believe they’re not doing what they’re actually doing because they know how unethical and disgusting it is. Luckily something called Eli Erlick (a BLT-123 activist who recently offered to ship drugs to children through the mail) said the silent part out loud that he got his genitals removed as a child, and that’s a good thing.



Now as a result of this faux outrage from predators and groomers who are looking to silence dissent, U.S. Attorney Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins is using the power and resources of her office to set up hotlines where people can report Libs of Tik Tok and Matt Walsh for inciting death threats.

“Children deserve a chance to thrive and grow as their authentic selves.”

Translation – hospitals should be allowed to mutilate children’s genitals without any pushback from the public. The Justice Department under President Biden has been weaponized several times against concerned parents advocating for children, while ignoring rampant crime and gun violence in the urban hellholes they’ve created.

Let’s be clear – if Rachael Rollins could, she would put you in jail for disagreeing with her on anything. After all, this is a woman who once threatened a reporter on camera that she would make up a crime and have her charged for the crime of asking her questions about her violent road rage incident in a state issued vehicle.


This isn’t just happening in Boston either. Here’s a Yale employee creepily talking about how she brings children as young as 3 on a “gender journey.”


And in Oregon a Children’s Hospital promotes the use of puberty blockers that are used to castrate sex offenders.

But Rachael Rollins isn’t coming after hospitals for doing this, she’s coming after YOU for having a problem with it.


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