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Ralph’s Diner Hosts “Defund Worcester Police Department” Event One Day After Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia Died Trying To Save 14 Year Old Boy


Ralph’s Diner in Worcester is a popular destination for BLM enthusiasts, and on Saturday, the day after Worcester Police Officer Manny Familia died trying to save the life of a drowning boy in a pond on Green Hill, they had an outdoor flea market where multiple vendors were selling “defund the police” items, and “Defund WPD” was allowed to have a table.

“Defund WPD” Instagram’s page advertised it.

And this guy appears to have been there.

Nicolas Kane is from Ashland and is some sort of bad ass heavy metal singer, or something. He’s also a big fan of ACAB, BLM, and unkempt pubestaches that act as petri dishes for Dr. Pepper and failure.

Here’s a picture he posted from one of the tables.

“Defund the police.”

If the Worcester Police were defunded then that 14 year old boy drowning in the pond would’ve had to wait patiently for the social worker to show up and try to save him. Luckily that didn’t happen in Worcester, and the police got there very quickly and gave the boy hope in his last few moments that he would not day that day.

Defund WPD announced after the backlash that they were taking a one week hiatus from shitting on the cops because they knew what a horrible look it was. But they wanted to make it clear that they were only doing this because Manny Familia was NOT a white cop.

“We decided that any highly publicized campaigns would not be effective this week.”

Translation – we’d look like the horrible people that we are if we demanded that the police be defunded right now, and the fact that a cop died trying to save someone else’s life kind of disproves our whole mission statement, so we’re taking a week off and hoping you forget about Manny Familia’s legacy so we can go back to pretending that they’re bloodthirsty killers.

The person who apparently put this whole thing together was Ralph’s newest booker, disgraced/fired Worcester Magazine virgin columnist Bill Shaner, who incited his Substack subscribers to kill police a few months ago.

Obviously we’d expect nothing less from someone like Bill, but why would Ralph’s owner Vincent Hemmeter hire someone like this, and allow vendors to disrespect the memory and sacrifices made by Worcester Police the day before this event?

Feel free to ask him why on Ralph’s Facebook page, or share your thoughts on their Google reviews.


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