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Rayla Campbell’s Family Attacked By Antifa Mob While Leaving Trump Rally In Washington DC


There was a huge MAGA rally in Washington DC over the weekend, and if you’re on Twitter and following the right people you probably saw tons of videos of Antifa and BLM activists assaulting Trump supporters in the streets. Sadly, this is just what happens now at right wing political events. It doesn’t work the other way because conservatives by and large respect the right of liberals to protest for their causes. No BLM protests were broken up by groups of masked right wingers, nor was the Women’s March interrupted by the Proud Boys or one of the other bogeymen the left has created to distract from the destruction caused by their supporters.

One of these videos showed former congressional candidate Rayla Campbell with her husband and three children getting harassed and threatened by these animals, and it went viral. Watch.

Bret and I talked about this on the live show this weekend and had Rayla on as a guest, so if you don’t wish to finish reading this blog just watch the show below. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and click here to subscribe to the podcast version of the show on iTunes.

A month ago I published a blog calling out a virtue signaling Boston paralegal who dressed her kids up as RBG and John Lewis and forced them to go to protests and rallies with her.

People follow Turtleboy because they know we’re consistent and will call a spade a spade, no matter if we like the person or not. I like Rayla Campbell, and have stood on the front lines at a couple protests with her before. But bringing your kids to political events is ill advised because she and I both know from experience the kind of crowd events like this attract. Kids aren’t old enough to understand the concept of Donald Trump or RBG, never mind “like” them. Kids love their parents. They see that their parents like Donald Trump, so they like Donald Trump too, but only because it pleases their parents. Kids should be able to be kids instead of being dragged to political rallies. I stand by that.

I’m also seeing a lot of people accusing Bret and I of “victim shaming,” which is complete nonsense. No one deserves what happened to her kids in that video, and BLM is completely in the wrong for following her family around. But the fact of the matter is that you knew they would be there. Enough of this fantasy land horse shit about it being a peaceful event. When million MAGA people show up in a place where 93% of the residents voted for Biden it’s like ringing the dinner bell for Antifa. It’s sad that we’ve reached this level of discourse, but you knew they’d be there. And when you go around with a bullhorn you’re not just trying to blend in with the crowd, you’re intentionally drawing attention to yourself.

We don’t see what happens before the tape starts rolling. What we do see is Rayla yelling at the mob that’s following her while she blares the siren.

We see some Granqueefa with a BLM shirt approach her husband from behind and he uses his flag to keep her at bay.

The flag makes contact with her stomach first, at which point she and other animal she’s with begin charging him.

He defends himself and uses the flag to do so.

But while this is happening his daughter is behind him and he trips over and lands on her as he backpedals.

Luckily the homeless man seemed to be the only person in this mess whose primary concern was making sure the children were OK.

Does this look like a good time for kids?

Again, the BLM thugs are completely in the wrong here. I wish them a slow and painful death, and I hope everyone they know gets herpes. But they are out there, and there is a 100% guarantee they will show up at events like this and act exactly as they did.

According to the haters I’m in the wrong because people should be able to bring their families to Washington DC without getting attacked by Antifa. Of course you should, but this will happen if you do, and it can traumatize children. Is it worth doing that to them in order to prove a point?

Let me give you some historical versions of this same argument:

“What do you mean I can’t bring my kid for a Saturday stroll through Gettysburg without getting shot by a confederate?” – You in 1862

“Martin Luther King should’ve brought his kids to Selma to march over that bridge with them. If you don’t put your kids in danger of being attacked by german shepherds and cops on horseback like that then you’re letting the bad guys win.”  – You in 1965

“I should be able to go out at night in London without getting bombed by the German air force.”  – You in 1941

“Black people should be able to take their kids to voter registration drives in Mississippi without getting their homes burnt down by the Klan.”  – You in 1878

You get the point. If you want to clash with Antifa then go for it. I’m built for this fight too. But leave your kids at home.


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