Rhode Island Couple Charged After Abused Pit Bull Struggling To Breath Is Found In 90 Degree Kennel, Previously Charged With Animal Abuse, Price Gouged Hoarded Masks 


Last year we published a blog about a Rhode Island woman named Kayla Card Pagliarini, who was hoarding and price gouging masks at the beginning of the pandemic, previously arrested for abusing dogs, and was breeding pit bulls around her young child.

She has Google trophies for larceny, shoplifting, eviction, domestic violence, assault and battery, receiving stolen goods, warrants, and driving without a license (screenshots below). Her bootleg Zangief  husband/boyfriend/whatever Billy Pagliarini has Google trophies including personal injury involving a vehicle, restraining orders, small claims judgements, possession of drugs in a school zone, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, assault and battery, preventing a victim from using a phone, violation of a no contact order, vandalism, and not paying his oil bills.

After the 2018 animal abuse arrest she was ordered to surrender all her dogs, but it appears as if she didn’t do that because she was arrested again this week for abusing another pit bull.

Three people were arrested and charged Monday after a dog was found at an Auto Spa with a severe skin infection. Kayla Card and William Pagliarini, of Johnston, allegedly left the dog at Sunset Auto Spa on Taunton Ave. in East Providence to be cared for by one of the employees, Scott Corbin, while the two were away. Card and Pagliarini are accused of not providing adequate veterinary care and allowing the dog to suffer from a skin infection without proper treatment.

On August 25, a report came in to East Providence police of a dog in a kennel at the Auto Spa “not doing well.” The pitbull mix, named Primo, was found coughing and appeared to be having difficulty breathing. Police say the temperature outside was 90 degrees. East Providence Animal Control seized Primo and brought him to a veterinarian for treatment. Primo has been with the East Providence Animal Control Center under the care of a veterinarian since then, and police say he has improved 50 percent.

Card, Pagliarini and Corbin are charged with the following:

  • Mistreatment of animals
  • Unnecessary cruelty to animals
  • Dog outside when the ambient temperature too hot/too col
  • Owner/keeper fails to provide dog adequate veterinary care

This report failed to point out that the dog was found at the same car wash where she was abusing pit bulls in 2018, and Primo was one of the puppies she abused and was supposed to surrender. The video of the dog struggling to breath outside in a cage is hard to listen to.

After we exposed this disgraceful excuse for a mother last year when she was price gouging she insisted she was innocent, said Turtleboy was fake news, and claimed she never intended to abuse the dogs in 2018. But yet here she is again, abusing a dog to the point where it could not breathe. And the only reason she got caught is because she wanted to go on vacation, couldn’t find a legitimate kennel to watch the dog (because they’d report her), and instead let the dog stay outside where anyone could see the poor thing baking in misery in the 90 degree heat. If you can ban people from buying guns based on their criminal background then you should be able to ban them from owning dogs if they’ve abused dogs in the past. Oh, and she has another eviction hearing on the 27th because of course she’s not paying her rent again. Maybe the Rhode Island judicial system should get their sit together instead of bothering people like me.










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