Rhode Island Federal Judge Dismisses Failure Swift’s Lawsuit Against TB, Husband Metro Forced Into Bankruptcy, Using Kids To Push Pyramid Scheme As Wife Emasculates Him On Facebook


TB’s undefeated streak in court continued this week when Failure Swift’s (AKA Kathryn Narcisi) defamation lawsuit was thrown out in federal court.


If you don’t know who she is and want to catch up on this lunatic’s background, click here

Just last month she bragging about how she took legal action against me too.

There was any number of ways the ACLU lawyers who took this case on could’ve gotten this lawsuit dismissed, but the most straight forward way was jurisdiction. Failure Swift lives in Rhode Island and I live in Massachusetts. From the Projo:

McElroy’s decision delves into various matters of jurisdiction. McElroy found that Narcisi had failed to articulate that Turtleboy’s blogging had been “directed … at Rhode Island.” Narcisi failed to address other elements that are important under a standard developed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1984, according to McElroy’s decision.

“Narcisi’s allegation that her reputation was harmed … and therefore the effects were felt in Rhode Island is not sufficient,” the decision says.

“Turtleboy,” says the decision, “had argued that it has no contacts with the forum because it conducts no business in the state of Rhode Island, it does not target Rhode Island with its advertisements for revenue, and the story on its website focused on ‘Plaintiff’s internet presence, not her home state.’

I’m immensely grateful to the Rhode Island ACLU for taking a principled stand in favor of free speech. I’m also thankful to Judge Susan McGuirl. Were it not for the fact that she violated the First Amendment by issuing a harassment order against me to remove content from the website, then the ACLU could not have gotten involved since they only take cases where the government has violated civil liberties.

Shame on State Rep Christopher Millea, the attorney who initially took Failure Swift’s case on with his ALL CAPS LAWSUIT. She fired him after he got paid to waste everyone’s time, and then she hired 

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Whatever you do, DO NOT post links to this blog on State Rep Chris Millea’s Facebook page. He begged me to take it easy on him last year after choosing to get involved in this.

Failure Swift has lost her mind even more so in the last month because she’s pretending to be dying from COVID.

She’s been complaining that her beta male husband Metro’s employer, the Westerly Public Schools, are forcing him to return to work.

This lawsuit was the last thing they should’ve been blowing thousands of dollars in legal fees on, considering they’re broke and have several cases in bankruptcy court.

Meanwhile Failure Swift seems to be setting Metro up for divorce because she’s constantly belittling him on Facebook for not being a good enough husband. She apparently expects him to defend her from everyone who understandably mocks her online, even though he has a job, went into bankruptcy because of her, and she pretends to have a “business” that is nothing more than a psycho with a pyramid scheme.


She blames Metro for believing the doctors who tell her she’s not dying from COVID.

She accused him of suspiciously buying a life insurance policy for her, which seems to insinuate that she believes he’s going to murder her.

She says that her husband’s fan club is trying to kill her, and that his attorneys and her doctors told him to leave her.

Does anyone doubt that this woman would frame Metro for something he didn’t do if she got upset with him? She’s done it before.

She admits that she’s been calling up her ex-husband for comfort that Metro isn’t providing to her, and letting other women talk badly about him.

Not the first husband she’s done this to.

She’s been accusing his family of threatening her, despite the fact that Metro is estranged from them to please her.

She’s also been publicly accusing him of receiving text messages from other women.

If you look at those messages he’s talking to one woman (Stefany Joaquin), who appears to be a coworker, and they’re discussing whether or not school will be fully reopened.

Then there was this racist post she made, complaining that the police are telling Metro to leave her and calling them out for doing so because cops aren’t supposed to harass white people in the suburbs.

“This is not the projects.”

She frequently pretends to be him in posts and warns other women to stay away from him while bragging about how lucky he is to have her as a wife.

“Metro” wrote this.

And this.


Meanwhile, as his wife continues to emasculate him publicly on social media, this once well respected musician and high school teacher goes out of his way to do her bidding while she pretends to be dying. Metro and the two girls he adopted and would have to pay child support for if he got divorced, have been pushing her pyramid scheme “businesses” with various videos while she lays on her ass upstairs and comments on the live streams.

This is so pathetic.

There was a time when I felt bad for Metro, but he totally deserves everything this lunatic is doing to him. What a shell of a man.

She claims to be making more money than he does with her non-existent “business.”

She also forces her 15 and 17 year old daughters, who are clearly developmentally stunted because she pulled them out school to help care for her, to post bizarre videos asking people to pray for her while simultaneously crapping on Metro for not doing enough.

Despite being on her death bed she can still sing and force Metro to participate in her 3 hour long live shows from their living room.


Here she is hitting the high notes and showing off her range.

And here she is just defiling the Lion King.

As part of her shows she also does long monologues in which she makes up stories about sick friends who died, and brags about everything THEIR husbands did, thus implying that Metro isn’t doing enough. This imaginary perfect husband never tells his wife she can’t go on exotic vacations, and sometimes doesn’t pay his bills. Whatever it takes to make his wife happy.

“And yea the bills have to be paid but you don’t put that pressure on someone who’s sick.”

Translation – Metro told her he wasn’t going to keep shelling out money for attorney’s fees and essential oils because he’s broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Whenever Metro attempts to play music or interrupt one of her monologues you get a view of just how controlled and neutered he really is by her reaction.

In fairness, she’s not just mad at him, she’s also upset with friends who go out and enjoy their lives instead of coming to her house and caring for her.

And she’s furious with Charlie Baker for not doing enough to stop me from speaking.

Unfortunately for her I’m not Metro, she can’t control me, and a federal judge agrees that everything written about her is protected speech.


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