Roslindale First Grade Charter School Teacher Advocates For Puberty Blockers And Chemical Castration For Kids, Tells Class Doctors Guess Baby’s Sex And When They’re Wrong It’s Called Transgender, 


This is Ray Skyer, a First Grade teacher at Brooke Charter School in Roslindale.

We wrote about Brooke Charter Schools last December when a teacher named Paul Friedman went around narcing on small businesses in Roslindale where lowly paid employees had the audacity to work without a mask on.

Brooke is a race obsessed, government funded school with no oversight from the public because charter schools act as privately run institutions, even though they’re funded by the taxpayers. Their website shows an obsession with the race of their teachers for a school that is 93% non-white.

Ray Skyer is white, which is problematic for Brooke Charter School because 93% of Ray’s students “don’t look like” Ray. However, Ray has a marginalization card that is more powerful than the race card, because when Ray came out of his mother the doctor said, “it’s a girl.”

Now that Ray is a white man he no longer can say he’s oppressed as a woman, but being a man who used to be a woman is actually double the oppression points of being an actual woman. Ray was recently featured on the Libs of Tik Tok account trying to connect with a class full of 6 year olds by announcing to them that she is transgender, and explaining what this means.

“Something that’s cool about who I am is that I am transgender.”

The fact that she’s calling it cool is all the evidence you need that they’re trying to groom children into this lifestyle.

“When babies are born the doctors are born and they make a guess about whether the baby is a boy or a girl based on what they look like.”

No, the doctors don’t make a guess. They make a scientific determination and give parents a statement of fact based on whether or not the baby has a penis, which is a phenotype that human beings show based on their genetic makeup.

“Sometimes the doctors are wrong and they make an incorrect guess. When the doctors make a correct guess it’s called cisgender, when the doctors make a wrong guess it’s called transgender.”

This is seriously where we’re at now – doctors just take a guess about the sex of a baby. They happen to guess right a shit ton because as it turns out boys have penises and girls have vaginas, but every once in a while a BLT-123 comes along with a mental health disorder and insists that they know more about biology than a doctor.

“Until I was 18 years old everyone thought I was a girl, and this was super uncomfortable for me because I knew that wasn’t right.”

What is a girl?

“When I was 18 I told my family and my friends that I am really a boy and it was like this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had the freedom to be who I truly am.”

Why is this person talking about themselves so much to first graders? Where did these adults get the idea from that we send our kids to them because we want them to hear about their lives? Kids go to first grade because they don’t know how to read books yet. That’s literally the entirety of your job. So shut up and do it.

This isn’t just brainwashing, it’s grooming. It’s blatantly untrue, grounded in fantasy, and teaches kids that there is no objective reality.

This is why the anti-grooming bill signed by Ron DeSantis was both so necessary, and so based. Communists call it the “don’t say gay bill” because if they tell the public the truth about the bill they know the public will support it.

DeSantis gets it in ways other conservatives don’t. Traditional Republicans allowed this to happen to our public schools because fighting the “culture wars” wasn’t nearly as important as cutting capital gains taxes and making sure we had a “limited government.” But a limited conservative government is self-defeating in and of itself. “Leave me alone” isn’t an appropriate response to communist brainwashing and political indoctrination. It’s not enough to say “this is bad,” we should be making it against the law. They’re weaponizing their values, so we have to weaponize ours.

Anti-grooming laws are necessary not only because teachers like Ray Skyer are a dime a dozen, but because no other teachers vocalize opposition to it. When Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd we were told that Derek Chauvin wasn’t the problem, the institution of the police was the problem because cops don’t hold other cops accountable. But where are the teachers holding people like Ray Skyer accountable as they groom children, and lie to them about basic biology? We don’t need police reform, we need teacher reform. And that’s what proactive conservative leaders like Ron DeSantis are doing.

The problem isn’t individual, it’s institutional. Go through the entire roster of Brooke teachers on their website and ask yourself, “how many of these people voted for Donald Trump?” I’d look them all up myself, but we can tell just by looking at them. Almost half the country did vote for Trump, and if our teaching force doesn’t reflect that then schools are just places where communists try to groom the next generation of voters to their side without any pushback. Where are the teachers who believe in liberal politics but don’t think it’s appropriate to indoctrinate children with it? I taught 11th graders for 9 years and they had no idea what my politics were or who I voted for. I was proud of that, which is why I wasn’t cut out for that line of work.

The video about was clipped from a Facebook post from over a year ago, and Ray was introduced by the Vice Principal Sarah Hammond.

For whatever reason she was having teachers share “I am statements” with their classes, because it’s important now that 6 year olds get to know their teachers on a personal level. The entire video on Ray’s Facebook page is actually much worse than just that clip. He tells his kids during “identity share” that conservative values are a bad thing, laws that republicans approve of are evil, Laverne Cox is a hero, boys should be able to play girls sports in high school, and kids should have access to puberty blockers and be allowed to chemically castrate themselves.


The smug sense of satisfaction she gets at the end when the children unmute themselves and are forced to cheer this on.

“You can learn something about Mr. Skyer”

My first grade teacher’s name at Tatnuck Magnet Elementary School was Mrs. Egan. I didn’t know the first thing about her personal life and I didn’t care or want to know.

“You can share your I am statements.”

This is an exercise in narcissism. Brooke Charter School isn’t about the kids, it’s about the teachers.

“When I transitioned from living as a girl to being honest and open and letting my family know who I was, my whole family had to transition with me. Instead of referring to me as she and her they had to refer to me as he and him.”

This is grooming.

“We’ve been learning about black and brown leaders, what leaders have inspired you.”

“My leader is Laverne Cox. Doctors made a guess that she was a boy and those doctors were wrong as well. She uses her platform to stand up for transgender rights.”

Sweet Jesus.

“Right now in this country there are a lot of laws that people are trying to make to make it so that transgender kids can’t play sports or get the medicine they need, and this is wrong.”

The “medicine they need” are puberty blockers and drugs used for chemical castration. Ray doesn’t mention that because Ray is a dishonest fraud who shows one side a political issues to a class full of children who are far too young to understand any of it to begin with. If he told kids that people like Ron DeSantis want to make it illegal for doctors to sell medicine that will make your pee-pee fall of they’d probably think Ron DeSantis was a cool guy.

Ray also doesn’t explain that some states are passing laws preventing biological males from beating up on biological girls in high school sports because it’s unfair and completely defeats the purpose of having separate sports for girls. It’s a problem because people like Lia Thomas go through puberty as boys, develop male bones with male muscles due to all the testosterone, then decide that they’re women and smash girl’s records. Six year olds don’t know anything about high school sports, puberty, or testosterone, nor do they care. This is just a grownup, who can’t stop talking about herself, using other people’s children to make herself feel better about who she is.

According to Ray’s post he has conversations like this with children all the time.

As you can see, this is all political for him. He’s presenting one side of a political issue, misrepresenting the other side, and simplifying a complicated issue in order to brainwash children into believing that it’s only acceptable to be liberal.

This said it all:

“I’ve even been the recipient of a group hug.”

Stop touching kids Ray.

“Not once have I been met with any fear or confusion”

These are kids who don’t question how a man named Santa Claus can bring toys to 7 billion people in 24 hours because it can all be explained with “he uses magic.” Shockingly they’re not the least bit confused by gender dysphoria. They just get it.

But the reality is that the video encourages children to be something they’re not, which is textbook grooming. It would confuse kids if they were old enough to understand topics like this in the first place. They don’t because they’re 6 years old and innocent. People like Ray Skyer going into teaching to rob children of that innocence, which is so precious. She’s a monster and a deviant, and she hides behind the cloak of wokeness to make herself as morally superior to conservatives.

Ray Skyer isn’t a teacher, she’s a communist activist who exists to get Democrats elected to office.

She echoes the usual talking points – BLM good, orange man bad.

And if she wasn’t allowed to push politics on kids then she wouldn’t have become a teacher in the first place. She has no interest in teaching kids how to read or write. She wants to teach them how to be communists. Luckily great leaders like Ron DeSantis are doing something about that.

I’d say that you should contact Principal Meghan Parquette or Vice Principal Sarah Hammon at , but I think we all know that they’d both be happy to support this. Charter schools have no public accountability, so they don’t really care if you like it. Yet idiotic conservatives line up to support the existence of these schools because they think they’re owning the teacher’s union by doing so.


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