Salem Tik Tok Mom Asks 13 Year Old Son’s Rivals If They Know Who His Mother F*ing Mother Is In Latest Cringe Video


This is Michelle McCullough from Salem.

She has 6 children, including a 13 year old who apparently goes to a behavioral school. According to her the young man is friends with some other kids who “think they’re gang bangers,” and don’t hang out with her son anymore, so she had some choice words for them that she posted on Tik Tok.

“These little mother f***ers that think they’re gang bangers, and mind you my son got mouth, not denying that. They talking about my son’s gonna die, they gonna kill my son, they gonna jump my son. Do y’all mother f***ers know who his mother is? Just wondering. Because I wish somebody would. Get your kids lady, get your kids.”

Pretty sure they know who his mother is, but not so sure anyone knows who the father is. Just sayin.

I for one am shocked that the woman who treats her gerber servers like an etch-a-sketch, swears like a trucker has a child that ended up at the bad kid school, and constantly posts about what a “bad bitch” she was before having kids, would do something like this.

A couple days later the Salem Slam Sloth posted again on her Tik Tok, claiming that “mother f***ers” (13 year olds) were calling her phone from school.

If you’ve ever used Tik Tok as a platform to declare war on other people’s children, or used the term “Got-ee” unironically, you’re probably a ratchet.

Tik Tok is apparently her special place where she goes to do grownup things, like calling out the “fakes” who don’t be calling her enough to see how her litter of raw dog trophies are doing.

Or go to her sister’s house to get a vibrator.

Or hit up people for money because it’s her birthday and she needs more tittooes.

Or yell “if you wish you didn’t have all these damn f***ing kids, blink your eyes” in front of the newborn she just fired out and added to the pile of tax credits.


And collaborates with her children to make cringe twerking videos.

See, being in that position is how we got this problem in the first place. Keep your ratchet single moms off of social media folks.


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