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Salem Tik Tok Mom Claims Not To Be Ratchet Despite Marrying Level 3 Sex Offender, Filming Armed Standoffs, Long History With DCF



Last week we published a blog about a Salem mother named Michelle McCullough who made some colorful Tik Tok videos, including one in which she basically threatened a bunch of 13 year olds who she claimed were mean to her son.

“These little mother f***ers that think they’re gang bangers, and mind you my son got mouth, not denying that. They talking about my son’s gonna die, they gonna kill my son, they gonna jump my son. Do y’all mother f***ers know who his mother is? Just wondering. Because I wish somebody would. Get your kids lady, get your kids.”

Michelle and her friends showed up in the comments to defend her honor and vow deformation lawsuits from their lawyer uncle, which isn’t unusual and often yields hilarious consequences. However, several turtle riders also voiced their opinion that she was not Turtleboy worthy.


I make mistakes just like everyone, so when turtle riders say I got something wrong like to look into it to see if they have a point. But the people in our inbox and in the comments section who had dealt with her before seemed to confirm that the blog was pretty accurate.

I saw a couple comments bashing you saying “this isn’t thst bad” and you “must’ve had a slow day for news,” but that’s not true at all because you literally hit the nail right on the head. Everyone who lives in Salem knows that what you wrote is exactly what she is like and worse. She goes off in the tik tok claiming her son is getting harassed and threatened on snapchat to be jumped but that’s exactly what her daughter got arrested for doing when she was 14. Also her other son was bringing knives to school in middle school. Along with the daughter that got arrested for jumping a girl, she would threaten girls in middle school with a pair of scissors. Her and her family are the biggest pair of ratchet trash you will be able to find in Salem with her 6 children constantly being bullies and in and out of court. 


You barely scratched the surface on Michelle from Salem nailed it. Been through years of her trashy gangbanger family.  The Mom herself beat up girls throughout her teen years. So, Sir do not feel bad. I have stories for days



These are just anecdotes, but what’s not anecdotal is the fact that she bore two children with this man:

Wyatt Paige is a Level 3 second offender, guilty of rape and abuse of a child. But it was OK to bring 2 kids into the world with him, and bring him around her two older children, because she did her research and discovered that he was not in fact a child molester.

Strike 1.

In 2011 she and Wyatt filmed themselves pulling a BB gun on their landlords who lived upstairs after they allegedly didn’t fix something, which prompted Michelle and Wyatt to cut off their Wifi. She did nothing to de-escalate the dangerous and volatile situation with her kids in the house as he defended their bedsheet curtain ratchet Alamo she swore like a trucker. .

“You tell Frandy, he comes near my kids again I will f***ing shoot him”

All she had to do was plug in their Internet and it all would end. Instead they went this route.

Strike 2.

Wyatt Paige is clearly a psychopath with no credibility. However, she did choose to marry and have two children with him, and now he wants custody. According to an insane 9 page after David that Wyatt filed in court last month, their 13 year old son had 59 absences from school, constantly got suspended for bullying other kids and destroying school property, has been arrested multiple times for serious offenses including robbing someone at knifepoint for $3, witnessed her revolving door of boyfriends get into domestic disputes with her, and was constantly neglected despite being at risk.


Again, these are just allegations from a Level 3 sex offender that she chose to procreate with. But clearly this child is in serious need of help and is going down a horrible path that’s going to result in a long period of incarceration when he becomes an adult. He needs serious help and attention. The last thing a non-ratchet mother would do in this situation is go on Tik Tok and make threats towards her out of control son’s rivals.

Strike 3.

Last year in probate court the probation department filed a 51A with DCF against both parents. According to the document the family has a “long history with DCF.” Wyatt alleged that Michelle bought her son a BB gun that was used to shoot another child, and the court was concerned about the mental health of their 2 children because they were constantly exposed to “verbal abuse” between their parents.

The court being concerned about verbal abuse, the recent 51A, and the long history with DCF can’t be discredited as allegations from a sex offender.

Strike 4.

After the blog was written Michelle’s newest boyfriend she procreated with, named Macho, messaged me to inform me that I “messed with the wrong one.”

She chose to bring a child into the world with this man.

Strike 5.

Michelle posted a video on Facebook of her 10 year old daughter opening a package for her mother, and the girl immediately identified the contents of the package as a vibrator, instead of the headbands she was expecting.

Why does a 10 year old girl know what a vibrator is? Why would you ever post a video of that on Facebook? Why is she so obsessed with exposing her children to things she plans to use to stimulate her stench trench?

Strike 6.

She said that Producer Deb from the Turtleboy Live Show needed to be punched in the face and defended her sex offender sperm donor some more.

“What else am I supposed to do Clarence?”

Sadly the damage is largely done at this point. Your kid ended up this way because you thought it was normal to film armed standoffs with your landlords and act ratchet on Tik Tok. In my opinion, the best thing you could do at this point is not further provoke his behavior on social media, but you’re doing the opposite instead.

Strike 7.

Then she began making vague threats to my home in Woburn.

Strike 8.

After that it was a bunch of late night phone calls and deflections about how it’s actually me who is the bad parent because she read some stuff on the Internet about me being “rasist” from other ratchets who lost their kids to DCF.

Strike 9.

Despite claiming to have life by the balls and being able to afford to bring her family on Caribbean vacations Michelle is also constantly begging on Facebook for other people to pay for her kid’s cheerleading, and for her newborn whose name of course rhymes with Aidan.

Strike 10.

And no ratchet resume would be complete without promises of deformation lawsuits from Uncle Lawyer.

Strike 11.

Oh and I won’t hold against her that time in 2015 while living in a shelter when she contacted the media to cry about how they were making her throw at her fake fire hazard Christmas tree, or how she posts picture of her extremely at risk child do dangerous maneuvers on his bike without a helmet on.


Anyway, Michelle says she wants to come on the Live Show on Saturday night to share her side of the story and she’s more than welcome to do so. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at at 9 PM. As of right now I believe that what I’ve witnessed is extremely ratchet behavior, but I’m willing to hear her out and come in with an open mind. Perhaps she can convince me and any other haters that this whole thing is a big misunderstanding.



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