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Today is election day, and I expect a red wave to sweep over the country. Tonight at 7:30 I will be streaming election coverage late into the evening, and you can watch by clicking hereWhen it’s all said and done I expect Republicans to have 53, and possibly 54 Senate seats. This includes:

  • Adam Laxalt turning Nevada red
  • Herschell Walker turning Georgia red
  • Blake Masters winning a nail biter and turning Arizona red
  • Dr. Oz keeping Pennsylvania red

Although I would rather lose the Senate and get Masters in, because he’s that important for the future of our country. I think Don Bolduc has a 40% chance in New Hampshire, and Tiffany Smiley has a 20% chance in Washington to turn their states red. Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio will remain Republican without much of an issue.

The House of Representatives is a done deal, as there is no path to victory for Democrats. New England has 21 US Representatives, and all 21 of them are currently Democrats. There are 4, and possibly 5 seats that could flip:

  • NH 1 – Karoline Leavitt over Chris Pappas
  • RI 2 – Allan Fung over Seth Magaziner
  • ME 2 – Bruce Poliquin over Jared Golden
  • CT 5 – George Logan over Jahana Hayes
  • NH 2 – Bob Burns over Annie Kuster

Fung will definitely win, while Logan and Leavitt (the 2 best candidates) are tossups. Karoline would be the youngest female member of Congress in American history (25) if she won. Golden will probably hold his seat, and Kuster almost definitely will. You should still vote red if you live in any of those districts, but especially if you live in NH 1 (Manchester to Maine) or CT 5 (Northern and Western Connecticut). There are also some well known members of Congress, like Katie Porter (California) and Sean Patrick Maloney (New York) who are in grave danger of losing tomorrow. Nevada will be the face of the red wave, as 3 of their 4 congressional districts are currently held by Democrats, but all 4 have a good shot at becoming red tomorrow. We’ll keep an eye on all of them.

When the night is done Republicans will be Governor of most likely 31 states. They will win landslides in Texas, Ohio, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Florida, which previously were battleground states. Kari Lake will win by 6-8 points in Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Nevada will flip to red, and even Oregon has a good chance of voting in a Republican governor. Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania are long shots, and will most likely remain blue.

Unfortunately the red wave will not be coming to Massachusetts. Of our 9 congressional districts there are exactly 0 that are in contention. We have not had a Republican member of Congress since 1996. In the last 12 years there have been over 100 Congressional races in Massachusetts, and in just 1 of them has a Republican gotten more than 45% of the vote. I would vote for any Republican on the ballot, but realistically none of them has a chance of winning.

Here’s who the Turtleboy Ticket who you should vote for anyway:

Governor – Geoff Diehl

He has no shot at winning. Literally none. He will be lucky to come within 25 points. He put no effort into his campaign, he spent no money, and I have yet to see a single commercial of his on TV. For a Republican to win in Massachusetts they must put forward an energetic, exciting campaign, that connects with voters on issues that resonate with them. If Diehl had any intention of winning his face would be everywhere, but instead you have to follow him on Facebook to see what he’s been up to. I’m not sure any real Republican could win in Massachusetts, but they’re challenging incumbents in states like Washington, New York, and Michigan, so he should’ve at least put up a fight. I’m still gonna vote for him anyway because I think it’s important to send the message that I dissent, and there are lots of others who do as well. But after he loses this election I never wanna hear from this soft spoken, plastic looking loser again.


Attorney General – Jay McMahon

Jay is a really good guy, and I had him on my podcast a few years ago. Unfortunately it’s Massachusetts, and Andrea Campbell, who comes from a family of criminals, is going to win this easily. You should still vote for Jay anyway.


Secretary of State – Rayla Campbell

Love Rayla. Going to vote for her, but Bill Galvin is the most entrenched and popular elected official in the state. I could get up here and tell you that she’s got a fighting chance, but honesty is my brand and it’s just not the case here.


State Auditor – Diana Dizoglio

This is the only Democrat I would ever nominate, and it’s only because her opponent Republican opponent Anthony Amore says he favors allowing level 3 sex offenders to choose the locker room of their choice.


As for State Rep and State Senator races there are too many to go over, so just vote red as a rule of thumb. But these ones stand out as the most important:

Natick, Medway, Medfield, Norfolk, Wrentham, Plainville, North Attleboro, Attleboro, Sherborn, Needham –  Shawn Dooley for State Senate

I’ve criticized Dooley multiple times on this blog, but his opponent Becca Rausch is nothing less than the spawn of Hitler and Stalin. She wants to force your children to be vaxxed after forcing them to be masked in schools indefinitely. She is a disgusting communist pig, and Dooley is a million times better than her. It takes a lot for me to endorse someone like him, because I don’t like him as a person, but I give myself credit for sucking up my pride and being the bigger man here.


Billerica – Marc Lombardo for State Rep

Marc is best State Rep in Massachusetts in Billerica is lucky to have him.


Taunton and Easton – Chris Coute for State Rep

Chris is a great guy who recently came on my show, and his opponent is a teacher’s union shill who voted for the police reform bill, wants to raise your taxes, and force your children to be vaxxed and masked.


Agawam, Southwick – Nick Boldyga for State Rep

This is the reddest district in the state and they are lucky to have Nick as their representative. Vote to re-elect him please.


Rockland, Hanover – David Decoste for State Rep

David barely won in 2020 and is running against the same guy. He’s very solid, and one of the few fighters in the statehouse.


Bristol County Sheriff – Tom Hodgson

Worcester County Sheriff – Lew Evangelidis

Plymouth County DA – Tim Cruz

But most importantly, TONY BRANCH MUST LOSE! 

Mansfield, Easton, Norton, Brockton, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Foxborough, Stoughton, Sharon – Maggie Pinney or Jamie Hodges for Southeastern Regional School Committee. 

I don’t care which one you vote for, you just have to fill in one of them, because every time you do it hurts Tony Branch. He is a pedophile and a career conman who should not be allowed around children. Tomorrow we end his political career.


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