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Seabrook Mom Asks Strangers To Sponsor And Pay For Expensive Christmas Gifts For 16 Year Old Non-Custodial Stepson While Refusing To Get A Job And Collecting Welfare


Last week we published a blog about a pyramid scheme Mom from Seabrook, NH named Jaclyne McKinnon after she became the first person in the Turtleboy Christmas 2021 season to try to guilt a bunch of strangers into paying for her daughter’s Christmas. She, unlike other parents, had the burden of paying rent, and thus needed to ask mothers in a South Shore Facebook group to pay for 230 expensive toys for her 6 year old.

I reached out to Christine Lazy Ford during the Live Show Saturday night and attempted to get her to come on and tell her side of the story. She didn’t get back to me until the next day and we had a back and forth conversation that lasted until Tuesday, when she finally realized who she was speaking with.

So now I’m blocked, and the exclusive interview seems to be unlikely to happen.

You’d think that after getting exposed for trying to scam people into paying for your Christmas in October that Jaclyne would lay low for a bit. Instead she was right back at it this week in a group called “Helping Families with Christmas,” except this time she had a different story.

So now she has a 16 year old stepson who isn’t in any of her pictures, and he is presumably the offspring of this MENSA candidate.

She’s in a one income family because she sells crap no one wants on Facebook all day and refuses to get a real job while collecting disability, yet somehow this is COVID’s fault. She’s a big fan of Jesus though.

Shocking that the guttermuppet looking for handouts is a big fan of the guy who gave free stuff to poor people. But that was before God invented Democrats, and now the starving people Jesus would be feeding are morbidly obese and making Tik Toks.

Once again Christine Lazy Ford didn’t ask for cheap stuff either for this nearly adult child:

And she posted in a whole bunch of groups.

Yet the kid is nowhere to be found on her Facebook page, and clearly does not live with her.

Once again she was called out for it.

But to me, it’s not even the price of the stuff she’s asking for. That’s just the icing on the entitlement cake. The real problem here is that an unemployed woman with a long criminal history who is choosing not to work while sucking money off the taxpayer’s Gerber severs, believes that there’s nothing shameful about asking strangers to pay for the Christmas gifts of a non-related, non-custodial 16 year old boy two months before Christmas. There’s a million and one charities out there for needy parents to utilize, so there’s never any reason for any parent to go on Facebook and guilt other people into paying for their kid’s Christmas. If she wants this kid to have nice things under the tree and she’s unwilling to get a job, then perhaps she should go back to doing what she used to do to acquire things she couldn’t afford.


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