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Shepherd Hill Teacher Dan Duffy Defends Bigoted Oxford Teacher, Supports Rapist Jacob Blake, Libels Blogger For Reporting Facts


Yesterday I published a blog about Jaimee Taborda, the art teacher at Oxford High School who posted racist, anti-police propaganda, which she indicated she is teaching kids in school. Among the most egregious things she posted that is just blatantly untrue and can get cops killed, is that black people get killed by cops for doing things that white people are allowed to do. That’s just a bald faced lie.

Policing isn’t good for our communities? Who posts something like that? The same kind of person who says that it’s OK for white rioters to burn down black owned businesses because they’re upset.

You have a right to your opinions, and you have a right to broadcast them to the world, but you don’t have a right to your job. And the fact of the matter is that any student whose father or mother was a cop would not feel welcomed in this woman’s class because she’s made it clear that she believes that all cops are bad people who kill black folks for fun. This is a violation of the district’s social media policy, and grounds for termination.

And just to be clear, this was more than just her expressing her opinions. She shared a page called “Teaching Social Justice Resource Exchange,” where teachers specifically share ideas on things they’re teaching in the classroom. These are things she endorsed.

This story has caused quite the buzz in Oxford and surrounding communities, prompting a teacher named Dan Duffy at neighboring Shepherd Hill, where yours truly spent 9 years teaching US History, to decide to make up a bunch of shit about me in a vain attempt to condone the hideous, hateful things this woman posted.

“A disgraced fired teacher from Shepherd Hill years ago for making lewd and sexualized gestures at underage girls at a football game.”

Hey Dan, I don’t think we’ve ever met because you must’ve came here after me. I do remember some concerned parents of students messaging me after you told one of your classes that I sexually harassed a woman. I contacted Superintendent Gregg Desto and you got reamed out for it. Guess you didn’t learn your lesson, so here were are again. I did message you on Facebook to ask that you retract this blatantly defamatory statement, but you blocked me and appear to have taken down your page. No worries, I screenshotted everything first.

You’re welcome to come on the live show tomorrow night and retract your statement to our listeners. I’ll be going live at 9 PM and discussing this story. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Let’s start with the facts from the separation agreement I had with the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District. As you should know by now, I was never fired. They couldn’t fire me because I hadn’t done anything wrong. I published this blog last year about my final day at Shepherd Hill, which explains a lot of it. You must’ve missed it so allow me to fill you in.

The blog you’re referring to was written by James Kriger, an alcoholic Sandy Hook truther from Buffalo who published defamatory material about me after I wrote a blog about my trip to Buffalo to watch the Patriots beat his team. Again. It no longer exists because Kriger was sued for libel, like you may be, forced to pay a $40K judgement, and had to remove all content from his website Buffalo Bruises. Obviously then the district would not have grounds to fire an employee based on an unverifiable, fabricated claim from a random blogger of no particular significance.

Now, they could’ve attempted to terminate me if they could prove I wrote blogs on Turtleboy Sports, and if they could prove those blogs violated the district’s social media policy. I found out, like this art teacher is about to, that the Internet is not your diary, and teachers can’t just post anything they want online. However, it would’ve been very difficult to fire me since nothing on the blog at that point was nearly as egregious as the things this art teacher posted. Consequently it was in the district’s best interest to offer me a large settlement to walk away quietly and not sue them for the way they mishandled the situation. When they offered a year’s salary for me to leave and promise not to sue them, I took it and ran. Receipts:

Fired employees don’t get paid to leave.

Not only that, I was also given letters of reference if I wanted to pursue future teaching jobs, and it specifically said in the agreement that it was not an admittance of wrongdoing by either party.

They also agreed not to contest unemployment (which I didn’t need because unlike you I’m adaptable and talented and was able to turn Turtleboy into a business), and I did get my letters of reference. The district knew that the MTA attorneys would bury them in court, so this was their best option. I did them and myself a favor by accepting it.

Dan had several opportunities to walk his comments back but elected not to take it. Instead he said his statements were true because he had “first hand knowledge.”

Another lie.

He said he was “quite sure” that I was fired, even though the school department wouldn’t pay an employee to walk away if they were.

So I’m giving Dan Duffy until Monday to come forward and publicly retract his statement. After that it’s lawyer time. I have no problem making an example of someone like this. This sort of defamatory conduct uses lies to damage reputations and will no longer be tolerated.

Not only that, he urged people to share it too.

And for what it’s worth the organization he “loves the hell out of” is a violent Marxist group that has burned American cities, caused billions of dollars in property damage, and killed several police officers. This is a teacher publicly praising them.

Dan Duffy also spoke highly of rapist Jacob Blake.

Just a reminder that this is what Jacob Blake did to the woman who called 911 on him after he attempted to steal her car with her 3 kids inside.

He digitally raped her, smelled his fingers, and said “smells like you’ve been with other men.”

This is who Daniel Duffy is openly supporting. A career criminal who rapes black women. These are facts Dan, not made up garbage like you posted.

If Dan Duffy wants to talk about sex scandals involving Shepherd Hill teachers we can do that too. In the last 15 years at least two teachers at Shepherd Hill have lost their jobs for having sex with children. I was not one of them. Amber Jennings was though, and she was convicted for her crimes.

Would Dan Duffy like it if police officers posted that all teachers at Shepherd Hill were pedophiles like Amber Jennings and Scott Brower? I’m still friends with some teachers at Shepherd Hill who might take issue with that designation. Because that’s what the art teacher he is defending essentially did.  She said that all cops are bad people who kill black people and treat them unfairly. Zero unarmed black men have been killed by Massachusetts cops in the last 15 years, whereas at least two teachers at one random school in Massachusetts have raped children. So please, spare me your pathetic, virtue signaling narrative.

Notice he ends with “no justice, no peace.” That is a direct call for rioting. Teachers should not be posting calls for rioting.

Here’s an idea Dan. Instead of writing meaningless posts like that which ultimately do nothing to help black people, why don’t you give up your job for a person of color? When I was at Shepherd Hill we didn’t have one black teacher. Not one. With a faculty of close to 100. You obviously got the job because you went to Shepherd Hill, and are thus the living embodiment of systemic racism. Put your money where your mouth is and volunteer your position for a person of color. That would actually require sacrifice on your part, whereas the above post was really just about getting Facebook likes.

He continued to defend the woman too.

“She didn’t post anything inappropriate.”

Looks like Dan Duffy agrees with her bigoted, anti-police statements. Growing up in an almost entirely white community and teaching at a school with almost no diversity has made him an expert in urban policing though.

Many others have attempted to defend this teacher in vain, by falsely claiming that she can write whatever she wants without consequence, and by deflecting and blaming the source that merely screenshotted things she posted on her public Facebook page.

God bless you Joy. The voice of reason.

Dan Duffy said that I was a “disgrace to the teaching profession and unlikely to be hired at a real job.” I could care less about the latter because quite frankly I refuse to ever have a boss again. But as far as a disgrace to the teaching profession goes, perhaps he and the art teacher should look in the mirror. I’m not the one publicly cheering on a rapist or endangering black kids by telling them to avoid the police.

Feel free to contact Dudley-Charlton Superintendent Steven Lamarche to share your feelings on Dan Duffy’s support of a rapist, and his blatantly defamatory public statements.




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