Shiva Ayyadurai Is Coming On The Live Show Tomorrow Night To Try To Convince Me That 100,000 Ballots For Him Were Destroyed And Has Launched A Class Action Lawsuit


Earlier today I published a blog about Shiva Ayyadurai’s refusal to accept the election results of the Republican primary for United States Senate after he lost by over 20 points to Kevin O’Connor.

“Fuck Kevin O’Connor, fuck Charlie Baker, screw all these guys, because they’re all frauds. They’ve never worked a day in their lives, and screw them. They’re scumbags.”

Shiva was quite pleased with the inclusion of that quote.

As it stand now I see no evidence of fraud. Shiva didn’t like this so he called me up this afternoon and we had a discussion which was unconvincing and does not account for a 53,000 vote loss.

However, in the name of fairness I told Shiva that he can come on the live show tomorrow night and present his case to the people. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notifications button so you’ll be reminded every time we go live. Shiva will come on at 9 PM tomorrow night. His claim hinges on the theory that 100,000 votes are missing, and presumably every single one of those votes was for him. He reached this conclusion after speaking with Secretary of State Bill Galvin who estimated that voter turnout this year would be 25% higher than previous elections due to mail in voting. So far this election 260,000 votes were counted in the republican primary, which is almost the exact same number as voted in the 2018 primary.

Keep in mind that in 2018 there was no one running against Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren in the their primary, so only 600,000 democratic ballots were cast.

Whereas this year the democrats had one of the most contested and highly anticipated senate primaries this century between Joe Kennedy and Ed Markey, and almost 1.4 million votes were cast.

Independents like myself can choose which ballot they want, and presumably most independents would choose the more high profile primary election to vote in. If anything there should’ve been less votes cast in the republican primary this year than in 2018 because independent voters had options this year. Instead it’s the same amount, which could be a result of a 90% increase in voter turnout from 2018. Regardless, there is no proof that voter turnout in the republican primary would increase by 25% this year, just a theory.

Shiva’s other piece of evidence is that he won his town of Belmont, which he doesn’t believe is possible because every Republican in Mitt Romney’s 8th home town is a RINO.

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Proving that you got screwed out of winning an election by pointing to a town that you won is an interesting strategy. Perhaps Shiva can explain that one to me tomorrow.

In the meantime Shiva announced that he’s suing and has launched a write in campaign for the general election in November.

In the meantime he has started a class action petition you can sign if you voted for Shiva, presumably because 200,000 people will sign it and thus prove that voter fraud occurred. No evidence is required to prove that you voted for him.

My mind is wide open, but I’m going to need some stronger evidence that ballots for Shiva were actually destroyed before I sign onto this conspiracy theory. We will see what Shiva has for us tomorrow at 9 PM. See you then.


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