Sister Of North Smithfield Man Arrested For Putting Tracking Device In Ex-Fiance’s Car Blames Rape Victim, Hurls Racial Slurs Despite Having Biracial Child While Claiming To Be Hispanic


Last night on the Live Show we were joined by Steven Scarpelli, the man we blogged about earlier in the day for blowing his leg up with a firework, starting a fraudulent GoFundMe, using the money to buy a truck, and stalking his ex-girlfriend with a tracking device before whining non-stop about how she left him as a result of him getting arrested for doing so.

Prior to coming on we discovered that he had already messaged us about a story idea in June that he never explained, insisted that he was innocent, claimed he would win at trial, and sent us a copy of the truck lease to prove it was his.



Except the lease clearly said he was the co-lessee, and she as THE lessee.

Which makes the car hers.


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We also heard from his friend Kyle, whose supportive comments from a public Facebook post on his friend Steven’s page were screenshotted and included in the blog. Kyle demanded that the screenshots from his “private” page (that we somehow saw) be removed, refused to fill out Abi’s form, then posted my address in an attempt to intimidate me.

You should’ve just filled out the form dude.

When Steven came on the show last night he of course made an absolute fool of himself, but also made it much easier for the prosecution to make their case against him, while also admitting to being on welfare despite railing against government handouts from democrats. And at the 1:23:20 mark we got a call from a woman who called herself Jenny, but was actually his sister Stephanie.

Well, she seemed lovely. Pro tip – if you’re planning to come on the live show and lie your face off, you should rehearse your lie beforehand.

“He has a sister?”

“I know his sister”

Pick one.

She attempted to make it seem like she wasn’t his sister by calling him a scumbag as well, but what she really wanted to do was come on and blame the victim he stalked and abused for months.

Trashbag: “I think it’s a pattern with Sarah. Her ex locked her in her house and he raped her, and now that man is doing jail time, but she still doesn’t know the signs of a narcissist?”

Uncle Turtleboy: “So the problem you have with her is that she’s a rape victim?”

Trashbag: “That’s pathetic my n***a, PATHETIC!!”

She sure liked the n word, but claimed she was allowed to say it because she’s Hispanic. However, while being a caucasian woman who got knocked up by a black dude does tend to produce a child that looks like the discontinued light brown M&M, it does not in fact make you Hispanic. Even if the baby daddy doesn’t pay child support.

Turns out she doesn’t even like her brother at all.

Or Kyle for that matter.

Or her baby daddy.



No wonder she can’t find anyone to hang out with her.



Anyway, Steven has been beating the shit out of women for years now.

Pretending the fiance he stalks is actually his wife.

And blaming the bank because he can’t figure out how to budget his $200 in savings.

They are all welcomed back on the live show tomorrow night for Ratchet Redemption Round 2.


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