Somerville Youth Football Coach Arrested For Child Pornography Has Posted Pictures Of Himself In Bed With Children On Facebook


US Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling has been doing great work since being appointed by President Trump in 2017. His accomplishments include charging a corrupt judge in Newton who allowed an illegal  immigrant to escape the courthouse in order to avoid ICE, arresting and charging Jasiel Corriea not once, but twice, and taking down several high profile Latin King members. Last week he had another big bust, taking down local pedophile named Robert Wharton in Cambridge for kiddie porn.

This was an especially important arrest because Robert Wharton intentionally sought out children in the community as a Somerville youth football coach and an employee at the Kennedy-Longfellow School in Cambridge.

Wharton worked from December 2019 to July 11 on the enrichment program staff for the Kennedy Community School & Neighborhood Council – the after-school program for Kennedy-Longfellow School families and neighborhood residents, which is run by the city’s Department of Human Service’s community schools division. His employment was confirmed among city officials late Thursday. He taught a daily three-hour program called K-Lo Cubs for children in the junior kindergarten and kindergarten program that gave children the “opportunity to participate in daily teacher planned activities” that included experiential learning time and math and science concepts, literacy activities and outdoor time.

This openly gay man had no experience playing football, but they were desperate for volunteers and he passed a CORI check so he got to coach. Sorry, but if your kid isn’t on the team you shouldn’t be allowed to coach it. He used his “big brother” role to prey on single Moms and get close to their kids. Some of them allowed the kids to go to his house which looked like a bootleg Wonderland with no sheets. This is a particularly disturbing picture on his wide open Facebook page.

But he’s got lots more.

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There are children all over his page. I find it hard to believe that the guy who paid to have a video sent to him depicting a child performing oral sex on a grownup didn’t try anything with these kids. He even went by himself to Disney on Ice.

Who does that except for a pedophile?

The crazy part is that he’d be welcomed at Davis Farmland in Sterling if he brought one of these children with him, but a non-verbal, non-mobile 21 year old man can’t go there to pet the goats.

His Facebook page is also filled with posts whining about how no one wants to hang out with him (maybe because he’s a pedo), promoting BLM causes, and posting about how he’s proud to be a gay black pedophile.

I don’t know how you prevent a skinner who hasn’t gotten caught yet from working in a school, but like I said – your kid’s football team should be coached by parents of other kids. Whatever you do, don’t bring on the guy who goes by himself to Disney on Ice, doesn’t have kids of his own, and doesn’t know anything about football. Because he’s probably there to try to do bad things to your kid. Just sayin.


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