Something Isn’t Right About This Springfield Family Who Found A Baby On Their Doorstep With A Note From Mom Saying They Could Keep Him


A crazy story out of Springfield has made not only the local news, but also has appeared in national media like The Daily Beast, and something just doesn’t feel right about it. Here’s the headline from Masslive:

What is this, a Lifetime movie? Apparently Juliannys and Angel Aviles came home at 8 PM on Sunday night  after spending the weekend in Boston and thought it was an Amazon package. Angel made a joke about the package being a baby, and as fate would have it the package actually was an abandoned baby.

But the mother who left the baby there provided it with a bag of diapers, a pacifier, formula, and blankets in a carseat? That is the most thoughtful and resourceful mother to ever abandon her child. Sure, the mother could’ve left the baby at a fire station or something, but apparently she wanted to leave the little boy at a random house in Springfield on a street that connects to nothing. She just randomly chose this house.

But wait a minute – if she cared about the baby so much and really wanted it to be with this family, why would she leave the poor thing at their door step in the middle of the frozen night when they weren’t home? She didn’t ring the doorbell and run? She couldn’t just ask them to take care of her baby because she didn’t want it? What if they didn’t get back for a week? The mother must’ve known who these people were, because their street is a circle that leads nowhere, and you wouldn’t end up there on accident. So if she really wanted the baby to live why would she do something that would likely end with the baby dying of hypothermia?

But I guess asking questions isn’t something the mainstream media is interested in doing, so they just took her word for it that this grizzled Siberian super baby survived 48 hours in the freezing cold of winter on this random woman’s stoop. Luckily they got there just in time.

Ten minutes later and the baby would’ve been dead. What great timing!

Yet none of their neighbors saw or heard a crying baby sitting in a carseat on their stoop. Luckily Dad recreated the scene at his home where the Christmas decorations never come down.

Yup, nothing suspicious about that. Lots of babies randomly get left at people’s homes where they survive freezing temperatures without any food for 48 hours. The mailman who probably went by their house twice while they were gone also failed to notice the crying and distressed baby who was sitting in his own feces begging for someone to notice him.


The woman who abandoned the baby also left a very specific note.

Thank God this anonymous loving mother was so concerned about her baby being placed in control of DCF that she made sure to leave a note telling them to let these random strangers keep the child as their own. That’s how adoption works – finders keepers! If a baby ends up on your stoop with a note from someone who claims to be the mother, then you automatically get to keep it raise it as your own. Those are the rules.

As luck would have it, the note directed the Aviles family to do exactly what they wanted to do – keep the baby without any state involvement. Now they’re upset that the wishes of the “mother” aren’t being granted.

But, but, but – the note said they could keep it! Their 9 year old son already bonded with the baby who has never spent a night inside their house. Sure, there are people who have been trying to adopt a baby for years who would be happy to raise this child as their own. But did the Springfield stork drop off an unwanted semen demon in front of their house? Nope. Just let the people who already have 2 kids of their own keep it.

As Juliannys pointed out, the mother picked their house for a reason.

Yes, the “mother” certainly did. Almost as if she knew you lived there, and you thought the anonymous note would help increase your chances of getting to keep the baby as your own. Sure, they don’t have time to take down their Christmas lights, but give them another baby and see what happens.

I don’t know anything about these people, and his name is far too common in Springfield to do much of a background research on. Unfortunately there are no shortage of Angel Aviles in the Springfield area who have started their own Google trophy collection.

I have no idea if any of those are him, and I’m not insinuating they are. Just an unfortunate name to have. The only Angel Aviles from Springfield who I could find on Facebook was this gentleman:

The hat. The sticker. The chinstrap.

Not good signs. But I don’t think they’re the same guy.

Anyway, I have no idea what’s going on here, but I know when something doesn’t smell right there’s often more to the story. But of course the Facebook mob believes that these people they don’t know should automatically get to be the parents due to the Finders Keepers Adoption Act.

“She found him, she deserves him.”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Like I said, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m open to hearing theories or finding out more information. If you have tips to share feel free to email [email protected], or message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson. All I know is, it’s really, really convenient that these people who want another baby happened to have a baby show up on their door step. It’s also remarkable that this baby boy with the ability to survive 2 days in freezing temperatures, was so discreet and quiet that he wasn’t noticed by a mailman or neighbor. All I know for sure is that just because a baby ends up on your door step with a note from an unknown woman doesn’t mean you get to keep it for 18 years.


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