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Sources Allege Vandals Responsible For Desecrating Quincy Nativity Scene Are Drew Tilton And Renee Neumann, Have History Of Racism And Refuted Rape Allegations


Earlier we published a blog looking for the public’s help identifying two individuals accused of vandalizing the Nativity Scene in Quincy by going full blackface baby Jesus.

We got a couple messages from turtle riders who gave us the names Drew Tilton from Stoughton and Renee Neumann from Easton. You decide for yourselves.

They recently moved to Quincy after reading the room in Easton and realizing that they clearly do not belong there. The similarities are striking. His chinstrap is an exact match.

And although the woman they’re looking for has more of a Pocahontas look, the eyebrows and hair pattern are pretty much an exact match.

They are a couple, they live in Quincy, and they have strikingly similar facial features. He especially looks like an exact match, although the frames look a little different. For this not to be them it would mean that he decided to vandalize the Nativity Scene with a woman who happens to look exactly like his girlfriend (just a little bit more tan) and who is equally as ratchet and lives in Quincy.

Let’s start with Pimp Scampi.

He apparently broke up with Blumpkin Spice in the summer, declaring that he would “never again f*** with a b**** who wears fake lashes.”

And don’t let the blond hair and Paul Pfeiffer glasses fool you, because he knows lots of bad dudes caught up in the drug game. As a matter of fact, he knows so many boys who have been lost in The Game that not a week goes by in which he doesn’t find himself pouring one out for his homies who got got.

He also attends parties where he is literally the only white guy in a room fool of brothers rapping along to music that he’s not allowed to due to the frequent usage of the n word.

Speaking of black guys, Renee is into them herself, but according to a recent post she made it’s not always consensual.

They both seem charming.

However, Blumpkin Spice ended up getting called out for this post when it was revealed via old text messages that she’s a bit a racist.

Turns out she was likely just making up the rape story because she wanted to run back and take a ride on Pimp Scampi’s skin flute. We know this because Pimp Scampi sent the alleged rapist images of him marking his territory and telling the other guy that this would always be property of Pimp Scampi.

You’ll never be able to unsee that.

Anyway, if you f*** with her she just has two rules – say it to her face, and no feet.

B***es love to be kicking her.

Anyway, I have no idea why these cretins wanted to deface blackface baby Jesus, other than the fact that they are ratchets and this is just what they do. If TB Nation is correct and this is in fact them, then I hope they get to spend Christmas in jail. It’s not like Santa’s gonna be visiting them anyway.


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