South Hadley Middle School Principal Sends Email To Parent Admonishing Child For Wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” Sweatshirt To School


This is David Gallagher, the principal of Michael E. Smith Middle School in South Hadley.

The other day a student came to school wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt, which in the last week has been branded by liberals to be a terrorist/white supremacist/Nazi/KKK slogan because it expressed coded displeasure with the most powerful person in the world. Principal Gallagher agreed with this assessment and sent the student’s parent an email telling him not to allow his child to wear that shirt again to school.

Clearly this fool has no idea how the First Amendment works. He also doesn’t remember his own town’s history with a similar issue in 1993 when a student was suspended for wearing a Coed Naked shirt (remember those?) to school. The district was sued by the kid’s family and lost in court. Nor has he read about Northampton’s recent failed attempt to ban “hate” symbols like the confederate flag on children’s clothing, which was opposed by the ACLU.

If the sweatshirt said, “F*** Joe Biden,” you could argue that it contains obscenities. But that’s quite literally the point of the Let’s Go Brandon chant. It’s a way to express dissatisfaction with the President without using vulgar language. The whole point of the chant is to mock the media establishment that thought people were dumb enough to believe that a crowd chanting “F*** Joe Biden” was actually chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.” It doesn’t mock Biden as much as it mocks the reporter. You can’t ban “coded” language just because you got outwitted by conservatives.

You also don’t get to decide what is and isn’t coded language. How do you know he doesn’t know a kid named Brandon? What if your kid is named Brandon? Are you allowed to yell “Let’s Go Brandon” at his sportball games? Where does this end exactly? These are the obvious questions that a functional adult would ask themselves before firing off an email like that. Principal Gallagher is clearly not a functional adult.

The parent wrote an email back reminding Principal Gallagher that his child had the right to wear that sweatshirt. He got this in response:

“Let’s Go Brandon is code for F*** Joe Biden and is therefore obscene.”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. What if the district arbitrarily decided that the Pledge of Allegiance was code for “F*** Joe Biden,” because Joy Reid said it is? You don’t get to ban speech because it’s “code” for other offensive speech.

Ya know what’s a lot more offensive than “Let’s Go Brandon?” BLM signs in classrooms. Teachers are allowed to promote this politically driven domestic terrorist group, but children can’t wear shirts cheering on their friend Brandon because it’s “coded” hate speech. Get your Turtleboy Let’s Go Brandon gear in the Turtleboy store before they ban it for good. Send your kid to school wearing LGB gear. Let them know that they don’t get to decide what is and isn’t offensive speech.

Hopefully “administration” explains to this absolute moron how the First Amendment works.




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