South Hadley School Committee Members Resigns, Says Turtleboy Made Him Cry, Hampshire Gazette And Lincoln Project Associate Remove Libelous Statements About Me After Lawsuit Threats


Two weeks ago we published a story about a South Hadley School Committee member named Charles Miles who had sent an email to a concerned parent who didn’t want her children to be forced to wear masks, accusing her of “

Late last week Charles Miles became the latest edition to the Turtleboy graveyard after he announced on Facebook that he was resigning, claiming that I slandered him, triggered his PTSD from the Gulf War, made him cry, and caused him to worry for his family’s safety.

“Men are taught never to cry, so I’m gonna go ahead and cry like a baby on Facebook because a blogger criticized me. Please clap for me for being brave.”

He claims he was the victim of a “vicious online attack from an extremist blogger.” In reality he was the attacker when he went after the woman he serves in the district, and was gently criticized for doing so. He hid behind PTSD, as if being a public official who gets criticized for a demeaning public email he sent somehow triggers the alleged death and gore he witnessed in a 30 day war.

Miles’ post was picked up by the Hampshire Gazette.

However, rather than focus on what he had done wrong, or the substance of my reporting itself, Gazette reporter Dusty Christensen chose to include a paragraph about me, falsely claiming that I left teaching 7 years ago “amid allegations of lewd behavior toward a woman at a Patriots game.”

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You may have heard such baseless claims about me on social media, as my detractors can’t find anything real or legitimate to criticize me over. None of them are true. Christensen did this in an attempt to delegitimize the things I reported on about Miles.

However, I was never alleged to have committed “lewd behavior toward a woman at a Patriots football game in Buffalo,” no matter how many times that lie is repeated. I wrote about everything that led up to me leaving Shepherd Hill here, but the long and the short of it was that I could not continue to publish this blog and teach at the same time. I didn’t have the time, and opinions like mine that question and criticize the status quo are too controversial for public servants to express publicly in this day and age. I took a gamble by choosing the blog, and it was the best decision I ever made.

What actually happened though, was an openly racist alcoholic named James Kriger started a blog (that no longer exists today) called Buffalo Bruises, which libeled me by baselessly making up a story about me sexually harassing an unnamed woman at a Bills-Patriots game. He did this in response to a blog I had published about my experience in Buffalo, in which we were repeatedly called homophobic slurs.

Kriger’s blog went viral and the school was inundated with threats, as was I. Meanwhile current and former students were posting about it incessantly on social media.

It was traumatic to live through, as I was the victim of a vicious, fabricated story that made it impossible for me to continue to do my job effectively. This environment was no longer safe for me or the school district, which is why they offered me a full year’s salary to walk away if I promised not to sue them for the horrible way they handled the incident. I published the separation agreement for proof, and James Kriger was forced to take down his blog by a New York judge after he lost a $40K defamation lawsuit.

To this day, Buffalo Bruises and James Kriger remains the only publication that has ever gone on record to have “alleged lewd behavior” by me. Everything else you’ve read is regurgitation of this man’s “reporting,” for an incident that took place at a game he did not attend.

I contacted Dusty Christensen to let him know this and threatened legal action if it was not removed. He complied quickly, removing that paragraph from his story within an hour.

However, at that point the story had been up for several hours and it was shared by this woman.

Jennifer Taub is a radical left wing extremist who works as a law professor at Western New England College. When she saw this story she decided to share it in order to make Turtleboy look like the bad guy.

In a followup tweet she highlighted the paragraph about me for emphasis.

This is why Christensen put it in there in the first place, and why removing it was too little, too late. He knew that this would be the juiciest part of the story, and would distract readers from the real story at hand – a public official was resigning because he couldn’t handle legitimate criticism.

Her tweet was then retweeted by this man, who ironically has mocked people people before for having bad toupees.

Tom Nichols is a “Never Trump” conservative. In short what this means is that he’s spent most of his career as an academic carrying water for warmongering neo-cons who want to imperialize the Middle East and rebrand it as “building democracy,” still haven’t gotten over the fact that Jeb Bush didn’t get his turn as President, and turned their backs on Donald Trump in order to virtue signal to the left that they’re one of the “good ones.” He joined a multi-million dollar Super PAC called the Lincoln Project, run by Never Trump conmen like him, and solicited hundreds of millions of dollars from liberals by pretending that they were no longer conservative, when in reality they were just vgrown men throwing a hissy fit about Jeb.

However, the grift fell apart in January and February when it was reported that Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver sexually harassed and groomed over 20 boys as young as 14. It was later revealed that the Lincoln Project was well aware of Weaver’s predatory behavior, and with that Tom saw that the grifting ship was sinking and attempted to jump on a life raft by distancing himself from Weaver.

However, he still contributed to this organization, which only exists because a child sex predator found a way to turn liberal tears into big profits.

On Friday Tom Nichols quote tweeted Jennifer Taub’s link to the Hampshire Gazette story on Charlies Miles resignation, and baselessly stated that I was “fired after being accused of lewd behavior.”

I immediately tweeted back at him and demanded he removed the post, since he has over half a million Twitter followers. He responded by blocking me, as did Jennifer Taub.

But the tweet remained up, despite being made aware that he had posted something defamatory. He then added another tweet claiming that “the guy who did this resigned, not fired,”

And although it’s true that I was not fired, his inclusion of the phrase “the guy who did this” indicated that I had done something lewd at the Patriots-Bills game.

At this point I was contacting the Hampshire Gazette and demanding a retraction, which they did. Soon afterwards Tom Nichols tweeted this and deleted his previous tweets.

“Deleting this until there’s some clarity about what’s going on up there.”

Maybe you should clarify before tweeting out libelous statements to 531K people. What he tweeted was still libelous, he was made aware of it and blocked me instead of removing the libel. Removing the tweet doesn’t change the impact of his intentional lie. I am weighing legal options at this point, but let it be known moving forward – if you are an influential person in the media who spreads falsehoods about me, you will be hearing from me in court. As for Charles Miles, the children of South Hadley are safer and better off without an abuser like you running the schools. It was a pleasure forcing you to step down in disgrace.



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