Southampton Woman Narrowly Escapes Human Traffickers At Westfield Walmart While Shopping In Baby’s Section


This is Stacy Widelo from Southampton.

She’s a new mother who totally is NOT a pyramid scheme pusher, and makes that clear in her posts where she tries to get you to buy whatever it is she’s selling.

She’s one of the good ones.

Stacy recently nearly the victim of an elaborate human trafficking organization when she went to the Westfield Walmart to pick up some baby stuff. She posted about her ordeal on Facebook but later removed it, presumably because the traffickers would find out who she was. Luckily others shared it for her.

Goodness gracious, that was a close one! A man in black came into her aisle, then left, and then came back into her aisle…..FROM THE OTHER DIRECTION! That’s never happened at Walmart before. Ever.

Next thing you know the man was on Facetime and she could see that she was appearing in the video, probably so the big boss on the other end of the call could determine how much the Russian sex slave traders would pay for her.

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Logically then the whole thing had to be an elaborate set up where one man would distract her by lying about his dead fiance and show her baby pictures, and the other man would come from the other end of the aisle and prevent her from escaping. They would likely gag her on the spot and drag her from Walmart without anyone noticing. This sort of thing happens all the time these days, and she even had a friend from the Pumpkin Spice Mafia tell her about it happening to her.

Another smart move was pinning herself up against the cooler in the front of the store. A lot of women would run to the parking lot like their life depended on it and get in their car. But she knows from reading other women’s similar posts that the man in the rape van WANTS her to do that, and since she was “paralyzed with fear,” she wisely called up her husband who came and picked her up even though her car was there. I’m sure that man has a very stress free life living with Stacy.

She later posted an update.

At least we can eliminate one of the two men as sex traffickers. Sure, she wrongly accused a single dad whose wife died of being involved in an elaborate plot to kidnap her, but it’s better safe than sorry. As for the other man, he’s still out there and YOU could be his next victim.

Luckily there is absolutely no one on her friends list who is attempting to suggest that she could’ve misinterpreted what happened or made an absolute fool of herself. Instead they are rightly telling her that she did the correct thing in posting about her harrowing incident on Facebook.

Thots and shares.


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