Southbridge Rapper Arrested By State Police In Brookfield Days After Launching New Video Filmed At Old Orchard Beach In Possible Promotional Scheme


Two weeks ago we blogged about self-described “dope rapper” Chris “The Rival” Palmerino, AKA IEP Diddy, AKA MC Spectrum, after he showed up to a small Trump rally in West Brookfield and yelled racial slurs at blue lives matter supporters.

After that he issued an apology video in which he uttered one of the greatest lines I’ve ever heard.

“By no means am I racist, homophobic, or have down syndrome.”

I’ve heard a lot of people apologize for saying racist or homophobic things, but this might be the first time I’ve heard a man apologize for appropriating down syndrome. If you ever feel the need to clarify in an apology video whether or not you have down syndrome, you’ve made a lot of poor life choices. Sure, he might have a little fetal alcohol going on, but at the end of the day he’s a functional adult who chose to act the way he did in public.

Then we had him on the Live show for ratchet redemption, and it was going pretty well until I told him that I was the best freestyle rapper in Central Massachusetts and his homie and girlfriend were clearly upset (21:15).

MC Spectrum put out a new rap video this week entitled, “Bad Asses,” and it features his new partner DJ Relapse, along with some crack rock critters at Old Orchard Beach.

I take back every negative thing I said about him. This dude is legit, and the women he had in his video were not compensated with a bag of Diego’s new product.

The chinstraps were touched up, the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats were adorned on their heads, and fupa backup dancers worked their magic.

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In fairness, this might’ve just been a GED class with a strobe light.

But no rap video can really take off until you establish your street cred, and the apology video made him look weak. So MC Spectrum did the only thing a true G could do to promote his new album.

Got locked up by the State Police in Brookfield. Hopefully his mugshot came out a little more hardcore than his last one.

The Brookfield barracks isn’t exactly the busiest, and they actually wanted to close it a few years back, so I guess they let him use his cell phone to do a cell block selfie.

And yes, he is wearing the same shirt that he wore in the rap video.

It’s too bad because he told me in the interview that he was going to take it easy on the booze. He agrees he needs to take it easy on the Coors Light though.

Same time next week.

He’s not worried though because he got a bomb court appointed attorney who told him they can beat the case for the very serious charge of disturbing the peace. Their strategy? Self defense.

Sometimes when someone’s coming at you and trying to hurt you the best way to defend yourself is by disturbing the peace.

Anyway, I’d like to hear more about this arrest and talk about the new album, so if IEP Diddy wants to come back on this Saturday he’s more than welcome to join me and bring DJ Relapse and/or the crack rock critters with him.


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