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Southcoast Health Board Of Trustees Chair Lou Cabral Fully Supports CEO Who Bloodied And Bruised Wife’s Face According To Police Report


Yesterday we published a blog about Southcoast Health President and CEO Keith Hovan getting arrested for domestic assault and battery. Hovan had previously sent an email to all Southcoast employees telling them that they would be fired if they did not get vaccinated for COVID because it was their “moral obligation,” and said that it made his family unsafe if his employees did not get vaccinated.

We interviewed two employees that Keith Hovan fired for not getting raped with a vaccine against their will. Both were appalled and dismayed with the hypocrisy of their now former employer. The first came on at 56:15, the second nurse came on at 1:10:45.

Here is the police report we obtained today from his arrest at his $1.5 million home in Rochester.

21ROC-164-AR Hovan, Keith

In summation:

  • The daughter called the police after an argument between her parents turned physical
  • When the police arrived he was covered in what appeared to be alcohol
  • Hovan immediately admitted he had done something wrong but claimed “my arm hit her in the face,” as if it was some sort of involuntary motion he could not control
  • His daughter and wife were crying when the police arrived, and his wife was washing her face to clean off the blood
  • The victim seemed scared and spoke in that tone, but tried to play it off like nothing had happened, as most victims of domestic violence do
  • The incident occurred when they were arguing over something on TV and she began to write in her journal
  • He tried to rip the journal from her hands, a struggle ensued, the journal was ripped apart, and he struck her in the face with his arm
  • His arm also had a cut on it from striking the victim’s teeth
  • He was arrested and brought to the police station
  • While at the police station the police noticed that his wife’s eye had become swollen and bruised
  • Hovan was released on bail but DCF told him not to return to his house so he slept on his boat in Marion
  • He had dozens of guns in the house, all of which were taken

Despite knowing that Hovan struck his wife while drinking, causing her to bleed and bruise, the Southcoast Health Board of Trustees is still treating Keith Hovan like the victim. In their letter to employees, many of whom are about to be laid off for not being vaccinated, they said that he has their “full support” with this “personal family matter.”


If only OJ Simpson had worked for Southcoast Health he would’ve had their full support for his personal family matter as well.

The entire board of trustees is endorsing their full support for a man arrested for domestic violence on a woman. It got so bad that his own daughter felt the need to call the police. Here is a link to the Southcoast Health Facebook reviews, where you can feel free to share your thoughts about their support of a man arrested for striking his wife in the face. You wouldn’t be the first person with negative things to say.

It it not known if this same board that is fully supporting him also authorizes Hovan’s $2.3 million salary, but it’s clear that Southcoast Health does not have a problem with domestic violence on women.

This is Lou Cabral, the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Very diverse board they have there. Especially for an organization that virtue signaled last year about launching a black lives matter coalition, and is now laying off black and brown employees who are not vaccinated.

If only they had just bloodied and bruised their wives like Keith Hovan did, then they could stay. At least they celebrated International Transgender Day though.


Lou Cabral seems to have no background whatsoever in Healthcare, but he is politically connected.

Lou Cabral is essentially Keith Hovan’s lap dog, which is why he called him “transformative leader” while the Chamber of Commerce gave him their Outstanding Citizen Award last year.

Apparently to the Chamber of Commerce and Lou Cabral outstanding citizens are those who get arrested for domestic assault and battery on their wives.

Speaking of domestic violence, Southcoast Health put out a press release last year sharing resources to help victims like Keith Hovan’s wife.

And in case you were wondering what Keith Hovan’s motivation behind firing so many life long healthcare workers in the middle of a pandemic would be, he’s doing his friend Charlie Baker’s bidding. In 2014 Baker named Hovan to his transition team.

Keith co-chaired Governor Baker’s Healthcare Transition Team following the 2014 gubernatorial election.  The team was charged with assisting with the development of priority action items related to healthcare in the commonwealth and for the new administration.

Baker wants to be the Governor of the state with the highest vaccination rate in the country so he can run on that. It has nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with charts he can point at in order to get re-elected. His friend Keith Hovan has compelled hundreds of healthcare workers into getting a vaccine they don’t want and don’t need, against their will, so that Baker can look better. It’s like sticking a gun to someone’s head and demanding money, then bragging about how much money you raised.

Speaking of Baker, Hovan has given thousands of dollars to Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito over the years, as well as Attorney General Maura Healey and countless State Senators, State Reps, Mayors, and other local elected officials.

Southcoast Health brags in their propaganda videos about “never turning anyone away,” while actively turning away healthy unvaccinated employees, and claims to be not for profit, despite paying Hovan a salary of over $2 million.

Southcoast Health is an evil organization. They protect domestic abusers, mistreat experienced healthcare workers, and drive up the cost of healthcare by paying exorbinant salaries to wife beaters like Keith Hovan.



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