Southeastern Regional School Committee Discussing Censure Of Tony Branch At Tuesday’s Meeting After Chairman Refuses To Step Down



It’s been a week since the Southeastern Regional School District superintendent and several School Committee members asked Chairman Tony Branch to step down and remove himself from the process of choosing the next superintendent, in light of court documents alleging he had sex with an underage girl and defrauded the taxpayers for years. Branch has steadfastly refused to do so, and claims he is being lynched.

He has been active on Twitter, claiming that the documented allegations made against him in court constitute defamation and fighting words, and that he doesn’t have to prove damages in order to win his libel lawsuit against Turtleboy.

Tony Branch cannot “prove false” the allegations that were made against him in open court. These allegations were substantiated by the judge when they said that his denial of sleeping with an underage girl was “not credible.”

In light of his failure to step down the Southeastern Regional School Committee has an item on their agenda tonight at 6:30 to discuss an official censure Tony Branch.

Censuring is both a symbolic and meaningful action. When a member of Congress is censured they are required to give up any committee chairs they hold. Tony Branch is the chairman of the Southeastern School Committee. However, they cannot remove Tony Branch from office because he ran uncontested as a representative from Brockton, and would have to be voted out by the people.

A decent person who actually cared about the best interest of the school and its students would step down. But Tony Branch is not a decent person, and only acts in what he believes to be the best interests of Tony Branch. Any member who speaks tonight against this resolution is working against the interests of students, teachers, and parents, and helping to cover up the actions of a predator.

Also on the agenda is an item to consider drafting a nepotism policy for the district.

This is in direct response to the story we wrote exposing the fact that a former teacher hired by the superintendent named Matthew Parris, who was arrested and charged with raping 2 students on campus in 2020, is the nephew of the superintendent’s wife.

In an attempt to silence this reporter Tony Branch has filed for a harassment prevention order in Brockton District Court. I have a hearing Friday morning in front of a judge. Tony Branch’s after David is filled with lies, including that I called him a “black bitch,” and harassed him by asking him legitimate questions outside of a public meeting.

The video shows that many of these allegations are untrue.

Joseph McCarthy was censured after falsely accusing high ranking members of the Army of being communists in the 1950’s. We now look back on the McCarthy era as an ugly period in American history. Hopefully we will soon be able to look back on the Tony Branch era as a bad time for the Southeastern Regional School District, but that will require him to leave first.

I will be there tonight at 6:30 to support women and survivors of violence, and to protect the First Amendment as a reporter. All are welcome to join me.


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