Southeastern Regional School Committee Votes 7-3 To Ban Chairman Tony Branch From Graduation After Parents And Turtle Riders Stage Protest


Last night I attended my 4th straight Southeastern Regional School Committee meeting to protest pedophile Chairman Tony Branch, who is refusing to resign despite “substantially true” allegations that he had sex with a 15 year old girl, and had multiple restraining orders taken out against him. On the agenda were two parent speakers, one of which asked for the Committee to revote to censure Branch (after failing 5-5 last time), and the other asking Branch not to attend the graduation ceremony because parents don’t want their children to be forced to shake the hand of a pedophile in order to receive their diploma. Unfortunately the district’s live stream audio crapped out, so I had to start filming the first speaker halfway through her speech. She obliterated not only him, but the 4 committee members who voted to protect him – Christine Gaze from Mansfield, Barbara Kaplan from Norton, Robin Zoll from Stoughton, and Gerson Monteiro from Brockton.

The parent specifically called out the 4 members and Branch for not returning emails and ignoring the “substantially true” claims that Branch is a pedophile. She also brought up a great point when she said that their failure to vote the right way derived from a fear of being sued by Branch because he is so litigious. But Tony wasn’t bothered because the last thing he cares about is what parents and students think of him. He’s in this for himself.

Then came the parent who asked him not to attend the graduation because his daughter shouldn’t have to get her diploma from a pedophile.

“I have concerns for the safety of my children being in direct contact with the chairman of the School Committee during the upcoming graduation.”

If the parents feel unsafe allowing their kids around the chairman of the School Committee, then that’s kind of a big problem. But Tony Branch doesn’t care, because he really, really, REALLY wants to touch the hands of other people’s kids on graduation day, so he refused to back down. Finally Susan Sullivan from West Bridgewater (who was phenomenal) and Stephen Udden from Foxborough introduced a motion to ban Branch from attending the commencement. Branch claimed that the rules stipulate that he must be on stage at graduation, but the district’s counsel said that wasn’t true. A normal person would feel uncomfortable handing out diplomas to kids while knowing that most of them know that he has sex with girls who are younger than them, but Tony Branch is a self-indulgent conman who only looks out for the best interests of Tony Branch. After some delay the motion passed 7-3, with Christine Gaze and Barbara Kaplan joining the 5 others in doing the right thing this time.

In her defense it looked like the speakers really got through to member Gaze.

But pedophile enabler Gerson Monteiro was sleeping through most of it.

So him and Robin Zoll continued to protect their statutory rapist friend.

I guess they don’t really care about the concerns of parents and students either. After all, the school exists to protect Tony Branch’s feelings, not their’s. We can’t force Brother Branch to step down because he would never do that. But I do believe that our advocacy was responsible for this victory.


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