Southwest Employees Resisting Vaccine Mandates By Calling Out Sick Are Modern Day Montgomery Bus Boycotters


Southwest Airlines, like all major airlines, instituted a vaccine mandate for all employees. But unlike every other workplace that has instituted such a mandate it appears as if the Southwest employees are actually doing something about it.

The Southwest executives, state run media, and vaccine truthers are trying their best to make you believe that Southwest is cancelling thousands of flights over the weather.

But no other airline has cancelled flights, almost no parts of the country were experiencing bad weather, and lots of Southwest employees are leaking stories to the media that this is a sick out.

This is how you beat vaccine mandates. You don’t sue and waste your money on losing cases so shady lawyers like Robert Fojo can line their pockets. You go out an do something about it. They’re about to lay off thousands of state troopers, nurses, and corrections officers in this state and replace them with unqualified morons because employees won’t take a vaccine they don’t want or need. People will put up with that because they don’t plan on going to jail or getting arrested. But they won’t put up with having their flights cancelled. No one, and I mean no one, has the ability to end this more than people who control the skies. If they make pilots then they will make passengers next. They will take away everything you enjoy that makes life worth living if you don’t get the vaccine, and tell you that you’re still free.

Let’s be clear – the way we treat the unvaccinated will go down in history as the civil rights fight of our era. A hundred years from now when they look at the numbers they’ll realize that there was no need for healthy, young, and previously inflicted people to get the COVID vaccine. They’ll see how society treated the unvaccinated and they’ll shake their heads in disbelief. Do you want to be one of the people who stood up for the minority, or do you want to pretend that other people’s healthcare choices endanger you, the way white parents in Mississippi warned that their daughters weren’t safe around black men? You might not see it now, but if you’re supporting this sort of dehumanization of your fellow man you look AWFUL, and history will not judge you kindly.

That’s why I called these Southwest employees modern day Montgomery Bus Boycotters on Twitter yesterday, which got a lot of people pissy.

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Everything I said is 1,000% accurate. Rosa Parks is a civil rights icon, but she could’ve sat in the back of the bus if she wanted to. The unvaccinated wont’ be able to sit in the back of the plane, or participate in any aspect of society if this continues.


These people think every Civil Rights protest was the same because their understanding of the Civil Rights Movement is that of a third grader. Here’s a quick reminder of what each protest was about:

  1. 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott – Black people forced to sit on the back of the bus in one city in Alabama
  2. 1957 Forced integration of Little Rock Central High School – Southern states were ignoring SCOTUS decision banning segregation in public schools
  3. 1960 Sit-ins – Black people couldn’t eat at certain restaurants in southern towns and cities
  4. 1961 Freedom Rides – States were ignoring a SCOTUS decision banning segregation in interstate bus stop bathroom facilities
  5. 1962 James Meredith riots at Ole Miss – Mississippi was attempting to circumvent a SCOTUS decision banning segregation by allowing citizens to terrorize a black student who enrolled at Ole Miss
  6. 1963 Birmingham Protest and March on Washington – Passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  7. 1965 Selma March – Passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act

The only one of those incidents that did not result in black people being  attacked with dogs, bats, gas, and firehoses, was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was just a bunch of black people in Montgomery who refused to be treated as second class citizens, much like unvaccinated Southwest employees are refusing to be treated as second class citizens.

The only question is, will they continue? Because if they all go back to work or suck it up and get the jab then ultimately this is just theater. Rosa Parks and company refused to ride Montgomery buses for a year. They walked to work, they sacrificed, and ultimately they caused so much financial damage that the city had to fully integrate their buses.

You can’t just replace pilots and ATC with the national guard, which is what they’re planning on doing with CO’s in Massachusetts. These are people in charge of landing objects traveling 500 mph filled with gasoline and human beings. They’re some of the most irreplaceable people on earth. If a jail is run poorly the only people who care are those who work or live in jail. If a plane crashes or people can’t travel by air, it’s going to headlines news everywhere. They won’t have to do this for long before Southwest executives cave.

Meanwhile social justice warriors are losing their minds over it on Twitter, calling these pilots “terrorists,” which is how you know we’re on the right on the side.

Ronald Reagan became a darling of conservatives for firing striking ATC employees in 1981. The left has slowly over time embraced George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan without realizing it. The same people who claim to champion unions and worker’s rights are demanding that airline executives have the right to fire employees for refusing to be raped with a vaccine against their will. None of these people ever cared about workers, racism, kids in cages, sexual harassment, or whatever liberal cause du jour they pretended to give a shit about. They only thing they’ve ever cared about is power and control. Those who won’t get vaccinated aren’t being properly controlled and it’s driving them nuts. Hold the line, and do not comply.



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