Spencer Mom And Daughter Lead Online Mob Smearing Black And White Grille Because Owner Wagged Finger At Her, Suggests She’s The Victim Of Racism


Yesterday in the Worcester Eats Facebook group a jilted former employee at the Black and White Grille in Spencer told an unconfirmed anecdote about how she quit because her boss was mean to her, which led to a libelous campaign against the restaurant that forced them to shut down their Facebook reviews.

And of course this was an act of racism because the Black and White only hired one other girl who was “mixed.”

Last year the Black and White was targeted by another online mob, alleging that they were racist for allowing employees to wear shirts commemorating murdered Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino, so I automatically dismiss anything you have to say once you start throwing around the race card like that.

I wasn’t there so I have no idea if any of this happened, but even if it happened exactly as she described it I don’t see the big deal. She screwed up at work, her boss yelled at her in front of her coworkers, and then she cried about how she was embarrassed. Get over it. Anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant knows how high strung that environment can be. The manager is almost always on edge and they’re not always nice. If you screw up then you get yelled at. If you don’t like that then find a less stressful job. Your hurt feelings don’t matter and it’s not your boss’ job to protect them.

As a responsible adult I try to avoid writing about things I don’t have evidence of. I have no idea what happened, but I do know that this selfie-obsessed brat should just move onto her next job instead of trying to put together an online mob to attack her previous employer. She also lost credibility and established herself as a trashbag the moment she said that she would’ve beat the f*** out of the owner if she was her age.

But because some people still blindly believe everything they see on the Internet her friends and mother couldn’t wait to share it on town pages. Averiana and her ma dukes encouraged people to leave bad reviews, which they did.

The fact that this person is the one posting it in the Worcester Eats group makes me side with the Black and White even more.

Her primary beef seems to be that you’re not allowed to speak in a disrespectful tone towards people who are younger than you, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t know what made an 18 year old think that adults owe her any sort of respect that she hasn’t earned, but I’m here to tell her that they don’t.

Also, you can’t be mean to her because her Mom has cancer.

“I will not allow anyone to make suggestions on MY character.”  – Person leading an online campaign to smear the reputation and character of a business owner.

“Where’s the sympathy for me?”

Yea, you should probably just get over yourself because we all have problems. Also, your Mom loses the cancer sympathy card when she’s on Facebook helping her kid destroy a businesses’ reputation.

“Putting her finger in your face and leaning into intimidate you….let her put her hands on you! She needs to be real careful who’s kid she putting her finger to.”

There’s nothing trashier than a parent who feels the need to post on Facebook about how their kid is the wrong kid to f*** with. We get it, the restaurant owner can wag her finger in other employees’ faces, but not your kid because you’re a bad bitch and no one messes with your narcissistic semen demon!


Averiana also doesn’t think you need to hear the other side of the story because you’re not allowed to speak to her that way.

The reason we want to hear the other side of the story is because it’s possible that she didn’t speak to you in the way that you claim she did. We also don’t know what the incident was that led to the alleged finger waving that traumatized her because we haven’t heard the other side of the story. That might offer some insight as to whether or not the tone she used was justified.

We do know that Averiana is a liar because she claims that she didn’t ask anyone to leave a bad review.

But when someone suggested that it wasn’t OK to leave negative reviews for a business you’ve never been to Averiana told him to shutup because the review was based off her post.

And when her Mom left a bad review she didn’t seem to mind that at all.

But yea, she totally didn’t want people to leave bad reviews for her former employer that she has a vendetta against.

The bottom line is that if the worst thing that happened to this girl is that her boss wagged her finger in her face after she screwed up, then she’s had it pretty easy. If you think your boss is required to be nice to you or consider your feelings at work then you’re gonna have a tough time in life. Some people run tight ships and don’t put up with bullshit. You’re entitled to nothing, so get over yourself and get a new job like a normal person instead of trying to destroy the last business you worked for. Although I wouldn’t hire someone like you, seeing as you’ve made it known to the world what you do to your former employers on the way out.


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