Springfield Bar Owner Apologizes For Having Dress Code, Agrees To Pay Reparations After Gang Members, NAACP, And City Councilors Call The Policy Racist 


Springfield is well known for being a city filled with rampant crime and gang activity. It’s not uncommon for bars like Nathan Bills to institute dress codes in order to keep out problematic patrons. However, several City Councilors along with Bishop Talbert Swan (who I will have an expose on this week), decided that dress codes are racist and they targeted and held a protest at this privately owned, taxpaying establishment.


If you’re a grown man going out for the night and you elect to put on an oversized white t-shirt, there is a 100% chance you are up to no good. That’s just science.

The dress code isn’t racist, but the reaction to it certainly is. The entire premise of the protest centers around the belief that black people cannot dress like adults when they go out at night. It assumes that they are more likely to wear the following:

  • Gang colors
  • Ripped clothing
  • Hoods
  • Do-rags
  • Bandanas
  • Sunglasses
  • Baggy pants
  • Pants that expose your buttocks
  • Clothes with offensive statements on them

If you think that black people are incapable of getting dressed up or avoiding dressing up like a background dancer in a 90’s rap video, then it just might be you who is the racist one. Way to set the bar high for the black community Councilors. And God forbid a private business institute a dress code. Next thing you know the Catholic Schools will be trying that racist policy too.

Look at this race baiting charlatan.

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Talbert Swan doesn’t wear any of those things even though he’s black, because he knows that in order to make money in this country you have to look and dress respectable.  Stay tuned this week for more on him, because Talbert doesn’t like paying child support, or any bills for that matter.

The NAACP, which claims they want “advancement” for people of color, held a protest there to fight for the right of black people (presumably on their part) to wear gang colors and do-rags to a bar they have no desire to go to in the first place. The owner actually showed up too, and look who else was there in the background.

City Councilor Adam Gomez. The man we blogged about last week who has gang ties, wants to defund the police, is running for state senator, and appeared in a Pedro Rivera gangsta rap video in 2013. Rivera is currently incarcerated for shooting at cops and is a notorious Latin King member, as was everyone who appeared in that video. Gomez knew the blog was coming so he had it removed from YouTube, but a turtle rider sent us a copy of it. As you watch Springfield’s finest ride around on bikes, flash gang signs, play with guns, and stuff their face in a gigantic pile of cocaine, remind yourself that these are the people who control the police budget in Springfield.


These are the people Nathan Bills is supposed to cater its business to because they can’t act like civilized human beings and dress like grownups. Funny, even Adam Gomez knows how to put on a suit and pretend he’s not a ratchet. Guess that’s too much to ask of his homies.

It’s all good though because now that he wears a suit he’s against violence.

Plus, according to him he was just a “partner in a film company” and it was a parody video.

Except Pedro Rivera is in fact a violent gang banging felon (not a parody), that gun was real, and no respectable film company would put out such a low budget, low quality music video. What did they have to spring for? The 40 ounce malt liquor, the stolen kid’s bike, or the wolf hat he wore on the roof of a run down Springfield tenement?

But instead of telling them to pound pound owner Robbie Gossman not only caved on the dress code but agreed to pay reparations.

A planned demonstration over a dress code policy at a local bar some felt was racist turned in a different direction Saturday when the principal owner of Nathan Bill’s Restaurant apologized to a crowd of over 100 demonstrators saying he did not realize the impact of what he thought was “status quo.” The bar is also footing the bill for a downtown Black Lives Matter mural. Robert Gossman said the poster announcing the policy has hung on the wall of the Island Pond Road restaurant since it opened 7 years ago.

“I am terribly upset with myself and offer my sincerest apologies for offending anyone and not being more sensitive,” he said. “The dress code was taken down immediately once brought to my attention on social media. Systemic racism is real and is rampant in this country. Simply following what we think is the “status quo,” while sometimes not intentional, is a big part of the problem.”

What a feckless coward.

The other two City Councilors who organized this mob that he gave into were previously featured on TB. Tracye Whitfield said she couldn’t stand silently and watch “racist acts take place,” because she assumes only black people are in gangs.

In 2017 Tracye was at the center of one of the biggest fake hate crime hoaxes of the Trump administration when made a huge stink when her son “discovered” a racial message on his dorm room door. Tracye milked that one for all it was worth.

He was one of 5 black cadets who were traumatized by this, and one of them later admitted that he made it up and blamed it on a concussion. Nevertheless she still milked the victim card.

“It’s a still a slur — whether it was a white person or a black person who wrote it,” she said. “My son still experienced it. We still experienced it.” 

He experienced words on a whiteboard written by a black man, which is probably the most common word in rap music. The only victims were the white students who were unfairly villainized for it.

Justin Hurst was featured a few weeks ago when City Clerk Tasheena Davis interrupted police chief Cheryl Claprood during a Zoom call and yelled, “Wow bitch, shut the f*** up.”

Since he’s the City Council President he was running the meeting and apologized on her behalf. After she made up a bogus excuse claiming that she was talking to her cousin and her boyfriend, and not the chief, Justin Hurst accepted this obvious lie blindly.

“I stand behind Attorney Davis 100%. She made a mistake that could have happened to any of us considering these unusual times and remote technology. If she says she wasn’t speaking to the Commissioner, then I believe her until proven otherwise. She has done an unbelievable job as our clerk and we all make mistakes that we have to learn from. This situation is no different.”

This whiny little baby thinks it’s problematic to ban gang colors at a privately owned restaurant, but when the City Clerk making over $100K in taxpayer money tells the police chief to shut the f*** up bitch it’s just a mistake.

But please, tell me more about this “white fragility” thing. Seems like other people are a little fragile too.

I’m done going to bat for people who won’t stand up for themselves. This bar owner is a coward and I hope cops stop going there. Imagine living in a city with:

  • A race hustling fake Bishop calling the shots
  • Rampant crime
  • A city clerk who clearly hates the police
  • A city councilor who appears in Latin King gangsta rap videos
  • A city councilor who pretends to believe the lying clerk
  • A city councilor tied to one of the most prolific fake hate crimes in recent history

Must be awful. Meanwhile these people have been oddly silent about the mysterious murder of black man Achim Bailey. Maybe if he was killed by a white cop, or got kicked out of a bar for wearing gang colors they’d pretend to give a shit about him too.


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