Springfield Man Shot And Killed In Drive By On Facebook Live Stream Days After Posting About The Virtues Of Drive By Shootings


According to Masslive a Springfield man died today after being one of two men shot in broad daylight yesterday. Except this wasn’t your normal Monday morning Springfield murder because it was recorded on Facebook Live, and is yet another example of why social distancing doesn’t work in the hood.

“Give me the f***ing gun.”

When I lay dying I sure hope I have friends whose primary concern it is to get rid of evidence instead of try to save my life. Great values.

As you heard in the video, they call him Monty, which is what he goes by on Facebook. In a great twist of irony, this is the last thing Monty Montana posted on Facebook.

Looks like got killed by a real n word. At least that’s settled.

Monty Montana seems like a really big loss to the community.

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The three years away he was referring to was a result of this:

But no doubt he was about to turn his life around, open up a barbershop, and coach the neighborhood youth soccer team. He seemed very pleasant and charming from the looks of his pictures on Facebook.

I for one am shocked that a man whose life goals include acquiring Jordan’s and then acquiring more Jordan’s, would get shot in a drive by shooting. Seems like such a high percentage way to live.

The signs were there in his early days as well.

The hat. If your kid ever dons a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat you need to take it away from them and burn it as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will result in a burgeoning YouTube rap career and/or a drive by shooting. That’s just science. Dr. Fauci even said.

The real tragedy here is that thanks to coronavirus he won’t get a traditional Springfield sendoff filled with copious amounts of Hennessy and a church packed with men who refuse to take off their flat brimmed hats. It really is a crappy time to die. But on the bright side there will no doubt be t-shirts made in his honor, which will then be found in the closet of an apartment during a drug raid four years from now.


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