Stalker Who Called In Fake Suicide Threat On Me For Supporting Karen Read Gets Holden Police To File Wiretapping Complaint For Recording Her Harassment, Gets Providence Judge To Issue Temporary Restraining Order 


Two weeks ago I published a story about a Rhode Island woman named Victoria Haskins who has been obsessively stalking me for the last year and a half. Victoria runs a Facebook page that posts explicit, private images of me that were leaked by a very vindictive person. I have never met Victoria, had no idea who she was, and certainly never had any sort of relationship with her. Yet she obsessively posts videos and pictures of me on her page, and on community pages like the Brockton Hub.


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On Twitter she uses an account called @ElonMask97 that has a picture of my face as an avatar, and has been vocally opposed to my support for Karen Read, calling her a cop killer who shouldn’t be released from prison.

The Canton investigation has been taking up a significant amount of my time and is arguably the most impactful story we’ve ever published. Victoria has been trying to distract me from it in a number of ways. Sadly it is succeeding thanks to a Rhode Island Judge and the Holden Police Department. I will have to take a number of days off from working on this story in the upcoming weeks to deal with court cases as a defendant against her.

Victoria has been calling me from blocked numbers incessantly over the last year, despite my pleas with her to stop calling me.

Since I had no idea who she was there was nothing I could do about it, but she clearly watched every show, read every blog, and felt some sort of sick connection to me. Last month she had my house swatted by the Holden Police Department when she called 911 and told the dispatchers that I told her I had a gun in my mouth and was threatening to blow my head off in front of my 2 children. She comes on at the 5:40 mark. Listen to how serious she is when she says it.

The police initiated an emergency response, startling my children at dinner time. Keep in mind, I had never done anything to this woman and had no idea who she was. She just enjoyed fucking with my life.

After figuring out who she was I went to Leominster District Court, applied for a harassment prevention order (HPO), and was granted one by Judge Noonan. Our two party hearing for the full year order is on Monday. She is not allowed to post anything about me or have any contact with me until then.

But that hasn’t stopped her at all. During the Live Shows she calls me dozens of times from blocked numbers to try to distract me, knowing that I’m trying to do my show. Sometimes she’ll leave voicemails, except the only thing I can hear is my voice on the Turtleboy Live Show, because she’s watching the show.

Other times she will just call and hang up 10 times in a row.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

Now she has weaponized law enforcement against me once again by doing two things:

  1. Convincing the Holden Police to file an application for a criminal complaint against me for felony wiretapping.
  2. Getting a judge in Providence Superior Court to issue a temporary restraining order against me, requiring me to attend a two party hearing on May 18.

Detective Evan Parker called me on Tuesday and said he was investigating claims by Victoria Haskins that I had illegally recorded one of the HUNDREDS of harassing phone calls she made to me. Keep in mind, this is the same woman who LIED to the Holden Police and told them that I had a gun in my mouth, prompting an emergency response. This sort of swatting directly put both me and the responding officers in danger. And for some reason he was taking her seriously.

I informed the detective that I had told her I was recording her, then hit the record button, so you could not hear me say it on the video. However, you will notice that the phone call begins at the 3:49 mark, indicating that I had 3 minutes and 49 seconds to tell her that.

At one point in the video I once again remind her that I was recording, because I realized that I had not yet done so on tape. I had only done so before the recording began. Victoria acknowledged that she knew she was being recorded, and that she was OK with it:

“OK, you can play it on your show if you want.”

I kindly asked her to stop calling me, and told her that I’ve asked her to stop but she keeps doing it. She made a joke about me taking her to court, knowing that I did not know her real name yet and couldn’t do that. She also admitted to harassing me during live streams:

“I called you last night during the stream like 100 times, you were so distracted. It was funny.”

This is a fun game to her.

Victoria lives in the one party consent state of Rhode Island, but I live in the 2 party consent state of Massachusetts. She made a comment about recording the phone call being a felony, even though I had told her I was recording AND she consented to it. I jokingly told her I was in Vermont when she brought that up to illustrate the stupidity of these sort of laws.

Yet Detective Parker said that he submitted a criminal complaint application against me in Leominster District Court for felony wiretapping.

He never asked me what state I was in. He just blindly took her word over mine, despite the fact that she’s being charged with lying to the Holden Police about me putting a gun in my mouth.

He didn’t file the criminal application against her though. I did, because nothing was being done. Keep in mind, I live in this town, send my kids to the schools, pay taxes that pay for the police’s salaries, and I obey the law. Victoria does none of those things and endangers the police by calling in fake suicide threats involving guns. She also has an active order out against her that prevents her from contacting me, so she’s using the police to contact me third party. They’re doing more to protect her than they are to protect me.

To make matters worse I was also served by HPD today with a restraining order out of Providence Superior Court, signed by Judge Melissa Darigan.

If that name rings a bell it’s because two years ago Judge Darigan issued a temporary restraining order against me on behalf of Ashley St. Angelo, a deranged transgender man who we had previously exposed for abusing his two children.

The order was not only against me, but also against a family member of mine who has nothing to do with the blog and had no idea who Ashley St. Angelo was.

To make matters worse Ashley St. Angelo already had an active order against him for stalking my family member at the elementary school she works at. He had called the school repeatedly and threatened to show up and protest, accusing her of running the blog that attacked the transgender community (him) by reporting on his abusive criminal behavior.

Not only that, but Judge Darigan was aware that St. Angelo then was charged TWICE with violating that order by contacting the school via phone and email.

I am a witness in his trial on May 23.

Judge Darigan, who wouldn’t allow me in her courtroom for several court dates because I wasn’t vaccinated, made it clear that a simple restraining order was going to be dragged out for months because she didn’t like my politics.

Restraining order hearings are simple – either the plaintiff has evidence that they’re being threatened and are in need of protection, or they don’t. Judge Darigan told me that this would go on for months and cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees, knowing what a burden this would be. She offered to drop the order if I agreed to drop the order protecting my family from St. Angelo.

Luckily Attorney Marc Randazza saved the day by representing me and getting the case moved to Federal Court in Rhode Island, since the state courts of Rhode Island have no jurisdiction over me.

I have no doubt that Victoria Haskins sought out Judge Darigan specifically because she knows that she’s corrupt and despises me. I’m not the least bit surprised that this ridiculous affidavit, filled with easily disprovable lies, was grounds for her to get an order on me:

This is Ashley St. Angelo all over again. A deranged stalker who I have an order on, and who is facing criminal charges in Massachusetts for crimes committed against my family, presents themselves as the victim and gets a judge to issue an order limiting my First Amendment rights.

I won’t lie – this judge gives me extreme anxiety, as does this situation as a whole. Today I received this harassing phone call from what sounds like a deranged sex offender using a burner account, taunting me on behalf of Victoria Haskins and Judge Darigan.

She also gave a copy of the order to Internet troll Brian Riccio so he could post it on Twitter and tag me in it. She told him (and likely the judge) that I was coming onto her sexually, and admitted that she runs the Facebook page from the top of this blog.

Police are investigating whether or not this is third party contact, but I’ll hold my breath on anything actually being done. Seems like the only people who get taken seriously by the courts are people like Victoria Haskins and Ashley St. Angelo. Keep in mind, this woman uses the parody account of me to mock the idea of obtaining harassment prevention orders.

Two years ago when I took a mental health break it was the anxiety I got from Judge Darigan and Ashley St. Angelo that made it impossible for me to focus on work. It really sucks because prior to this I was laser focused on the Karen Read case, and this is all a distraction designed to keep me from reporting on it. I will have to go to court at least three times this month just to deal with this one random psychopath who none of you gives a shit about. And it’s being enabled by a Rhode Island judge and my hometown police department.

Long story short, I need help. I feel powerless against these institutions that have the ability to lock me up and silence me for reporting things they don’t want me to. I haven’t been summonsed yet for the wiretapping criminal complaint application, but I’m not going in there without a lawyer. I also need an attorney in Rhode Island to help get the order hearing pushed to federal court and away from Judge Darigan. I don’t know what to do, but it’s gonna cost me time and money, so if you’re a lawyer who would like to help feel free to email me at [email protected].