Woman Behind False 911 Call Telling Police I Had A Gun In My Mouth While My Kids Were Home Identified As Victoria Haskins From Vermont And Cranston


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Two weeks ago my house was swatted twice over an 8 hour period by police after unknown people called in fake 911 calls, telling the dispatchers that I was suicidal in order to send an emergency response to my house. The first incident happened at 5 PM, when my children were home from school. The second happened at 2 AM, and was much more dangerous because I thought it was a burglar or someone trying to break into my house, and it awoke one of my distraught children. Swatting has gotten people killed in the past, and I was going to make sure this never happened again.

Since then I have obtained the two 911 calls, and as expected one of them was Zackary Marten, the unemployed Boynton Beach, FL YouTuber with the plus sized girlfriend Katie Grady, who is known to deep throat object on his streams.

Prior to the police arriving Zack had posted a video on YouTube urging people to call in a wellness check to my address because I was suicidal, but I had a feeling no one actually called besides him.

I was right, because as you will see, it was his voice on the 911 call. The Holden Police are filing a criminal complaint against him for making a false 911 call, and I applied for and received a harassment prevention order last Friday in Leominster District Court.

I have never met Zack Marten, nor had I ever written about him prior to this. But he had become obsessed with me after finding me on YouTube, and has been calling me using burner accounts for 2 years now. At 6:30 PM before phoning in the fake wellness check, Zack called me and said I would be getting a knock on the door, repeatedly told me I was a pedophile, and said me he would not stop calling me.

But on the 911 call Zack told the dispatcher that he is good friends with me, and that I had told him on a group call that I was going to wrap my car around a tree. However, it was the female caller who put police and myself in greater danger because she repeatedly told them in a stoic voice that I had a gun in my mouth (5:40 mark).

Since I did not know who this woman was it was impossible for me to file for an order or to pursue criminal charges. Unlike Zack she does not appear to make videos on YouTube that would make her easily identifiable, and appears to be a deranged psychopath because she has been calling me for over a year now from blocked numbers. She clearly watches every show and reads every blog I publish, because she can reference anything I’ve ever said. Here’s a sampling of some of her phone calls, including her making sexual comments about my children.

For a while I thought this was an obsessive woman named Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre, the daughter and sister of Boston Police Officers who we wrote a three part series on last May. They sound similar and I figured no one could possibly be as crazy and obsessed as Shannon, so it had to be her. When this woman would call me repeatedly DURING live shows, knowing it would disrupt the show, I would sometimes answer it and refer to her as Shannon.

But it turns out it’s another crazy woman who felt so personally wronged by my opinions that she dedicated her life to stalking and harassing me and my family. Two weeks ago she called me and said she wanted to talk about things I discussed on my show. She claimed that she was calling on behalf of an abusive mother named Kate Peter, who we have also blogged about numerous times. I could have just hung up on her, but my goal was to keep her talking in order to find out more information I could get out of her. In particular she took issue with:

  1. My opinions regarding Duxbury mother Lindsay Clancy killing her 3 children.
  2. My briefly stated opinion that I didn’t think what happened to Ahmaud Arbery was cold blooded murder.

She specifically said that Arbery was “cornered like a rat.” After that I stopped recording and spoke to her a little while longer in order to get more information out of her about who she was. She told me that she ran this Twitter account called @ElonMask97, which uses my face as a profile picture. The Elon Mask account also frequently objects to my opinions about the Duxbury mother and Ahmaud Arbery.

The woman also told me that she runs a Facebook account that pretends to be me, and is obsessed with my personal life.

The account gains followers, most of which are foreign bots, by spamming “follow to follow” Facebook groups around the world.


Apparently this woman has no life, as she dedicates much of her time to another person’s private life. She doesn’t have any friends either, which is why she needs to find foreigners to get people to like and interact with her Turtleboy burn page. She clearly has psychological issues, since she calls the police and says strangers have guns in their mouths, seems to think that I am some kind of friend who owes her a conversation whenever she wants one, and she gives me major Kathy Bates vibes from Misery.

Additionally she told me that on YouTube she uses an account called Accountability for Vermont. If you look at our older shows you will see that she was a regular commenter and supporter.

But that all changed in late 2021 when she joined “Team Storm,” and got deeply offended by indiscretions in my personal life that don’t concern her.

Her channel has no video now that can identify her voice because she deleted all of these recently:


That screenshot is over a year old, but a turtle rider had it on their phone. You’ll notice that one of the videos has a screencap showing the girl behind the account, who appears to be a teenager sitting next to her father when it was taken 13 years ago:

On the day that this individual swatted my house while my children were here and told police that I had a gun in my mouth, she had previously called me twice. The first call went on for almost 10 minutes, and she told me her name was Victoria Goding and that she lived at 3875 Colvin Hill Rd, Danby VT.

I assumed none of this was real, but it appears as if parts of it were.

There is no listing for a home at 3875 Colvin Hill Rd, but there is one for 3758 Colvin Hill Rd, and it says that a women named Victoria Haskins and Maddison Buffum may live there.

Victoria is about 29 years old, so 13 years ago she would’ve been 16 when this video was posted on Accountability for Vermont.

Maddison Buffum is the boyfriend of a man named Logan Haskins, who may be Victoria’s relative.

But we couldn’t find a Facebook page for a Victoria Haskins. So I went on the Facebook page that she used to imperonate me and looked through the likes on various posts to see if any familiar names popped up. Several times an account called Toria Nicole appeared.

This account had already blocked me, even though I had no idea who she was. Another person searched for the name Toria Nicole to see what would come up, and as it turns out Toria Nicole had previously shared content from the Facebook page impersonating me that the 911 caller had claimed be running.

Toria Nicole’s Facebook page did not have many pictures of her besides the profile picture.

However, it did connect me to various relatives, including her sister Alexandra Haskins, from Cranston, RI.

Her other possible relatives include her father Mark Haskins, and someone with the last name Goding.

Jason Goding is also listed as potentially living at the Danby, VT address.

Goding was the last name that she gave me on the phone. Notice that it also lists a woman named Jessica Goding Campanile.

For some reason this poor woman began to be targeted by Detective DUMP TRUCK (Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre) and abusive mother Kate Peter, who seem to believe they are some sort of investigators due to the fact that DUMP TRUCK’s estranged father and brother are Boston police officers. Detective DUMP TRUCK (Shizz) claimed to have done an investigation that revealed that Jessica Campanile was the woman on the phone, who she says was pretending to be her. Jessica is apparently a nurse in Rhode Island, and both Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre and Kate Peter are now targeting her job because they believe that I paid her to swat my house in order to garner sympathy.


Evidently Jessica blocked Shannon when she messaged, which was all the proof she needed that Jessica was the caller. These are very smart and rational people.

I attempted to reach out to Jessica to let her know that she was being targeted but I have not heard back. If you know her please let her know that she is having her livelihood threatened by psychopaths with nothing but time on their hands because they believe her and I are colluding together to make fake 911 calls in order to make people feel bad for me.

A search for Toria Nicole on Facebook led me down a rabbit hole of relatives who posted pictures of Victoria Haskins.

Her now 29 year old face looks much like her 16 year old face.

Voice matches up:

After we announced on YouTube that we knew who she was Victoria immediately took down her LinkedIn account, which listed her workplace as Ascensus before she removed that, and then removed her LinkedIn altogether.


Ascensus is the workplace that the 911 caller said was her employer, and there is one in Burlington, VT. This would explain why she moved there from Rhode Island.

On Twitter Victoria’s fake account with my face on it attempted to justify why she called in a fake 911 swatting call by making up a complete lie about me having a gun in my mouth.


Notice how she’s responding to Zack Martin, telling him he did nothing wrong. They were clearly working together, as it wasn’t a coincidence they both called in fake suicide threats on the same day. Additionally, there is this:

She tweeted that on April 12, before I had the 911 call. She never mentioned “driving into a tree” in her call, but Zack Marten did. Clearly they were working together.

After she realized that we knew who she was, and that we knew what her Facebook account was, Victoria changed her profile name to Shine On, so that it would not come up on searches for Toria Nicole. Luckily we saved the URL to her page.

Victoria’s family lives in 10 Quail Ridge Rd in Cranston, which is owned by her father Mark Haskins – a senior VP at Santander Bank.

Mark’s image aligns with the screencap from the Accountability for Vermont YouTube account.

Today I received a text message from an unknown stranger who wanted to alert me that Victoria had contacted them using the Aidan Facebook page, gave them my phone number, and urged them to call me repeatedly to win a prize.

She’s now using the name of another family member to leave deranged comments on our YouTube channel, rationalizing why it was OK for her to call 911 and make up a lie that I had a gun in my mouth.

Victoria Haskins thought she could get away with terrorizing my family, including my two young children, because she thought she could hide behind the vail of anonymity. She sent armed men to a house with kids in it, after telling police that a deranged man inside had a gun in his mouth.

Victoria comes from a well to do suburban family that likely has no idea what sort of criminal behavior their psychopath 29 year old daughter has been up to. She grew up comfortably, went to URI, and developed an obsession for strangers on YouTube that is now getting her in trouble with the law.  She could’ve gotten a lot of people hurt.

Her family would likely be ashamed of her, so if you know Alexandra Haskins, Mark Haskins, or anyone else in her family, please contact them and let them know what their daughter is doing. Or I can show up there myself in Cranston and tell them on video. Your choice Victoria.


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