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State Police Issue Statement In Support Of Boston Cop Shot In Line Of Duty Despite Protecting John O’Keefe’s Murderers  


The tone deaf individuals who run the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page made a post yesterday about the Boston Police Officer who was shot in the line of duty earlier in the week.

Colonel Jack Mawn can take these meaningless words and shove them up his ass.

Jack Mawn knows that his lead detective into the murder of a Boston Police Officer (Michael Proctor) lied about being close friends with the people who should’ve been considered prime suspects, lied about what time he towed the victim’s girlfriend’s car in order to plan evidence prior to a SERT search, and intentionally misspelled the names of several witnesses in his police reports.

Jack Mawn knows that Detective Nicholas Guarino handed over a “full extraction” of Jen McCabe’s phone that intentionally excluded a deleted Google search at 2:27 AM that directly implicates her in John O’Keefe’s murder.

Jack Mawn knows that an innocent woman is being framed for a murder she did not commit, in order to protect the integrity of the corrupt detectives who he is the boss of.

Jack Mawn knows that the public is well aware of this and simply doesn’t care because his institution is untouchable.

Jack Mawn knows that these are Jennifer McCabe’s children at a party with Michael Proctor.

He knows that Jen McCabe helped cover up the murder of a Boston Police Officer. He knows that she would not be able to do this without the help of her complicit trooper friend. He knows, and he simply doesn’t care.

“We stand with our partners at the Boston Police Department in our shared resolve to make our communities and the Commonwealth safer.”

Your partners in the Boston Police Department? Oh, you mean like John O’Keefe? He was beaten by a group of thugs and left to die in a blizzard. You could make the community safer by holding the people who killed him accountable. Instead your detectives have gone out of their way to protect his thug friends who killed him.

You are well award of this conflict and the shoddy police work he’s done. So well aware that you felt the need to have 4 union thugs show up at the May 3 hearing for a proceeding that didn’t involve them at all. Just to make it loud and clear that the Massachusetts State Police support their detectives, even when they are quite overtly covering for murderers.

“Our agencies share a special bond”

No they don’t. Your agency shares a special bond with certain individual in the Boston Police Department like Brian Albert. But they’re more than willing to watch less politically connected Boston Police Officers like John O’Keefe get murdered.


“When they hurt, we hurt”

You only hurt for cops who get shot or killed by random thugs of no particular significance. If only John O’Keefe had been killed by a common Dorchester gang banger. Then the State Police might give a shit about arresting the people who killed him. It’s really easy to “back the blue” when they’re not being killed by the blue.

“As a LEO leaves his or her home each day to confront the unexpected….”

I’ll tell you what’s unexpected – getting beaten by a 19 year old and his thug uncle, and then getting attacked by a man eating dog, moments are walking into a house that you were invited to by your niece’s friends mother.

Feel free to click here and share your thoughts about corrupt State Police Detective Michael Proctor on the MSP Facebook post.



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  1. “…as if any reminder were needed.”
    The reminder need to be given to every police department?! Police your own cops. Then you can police the rest of us.

  2. “As a LEO leaves his or her home each day to confront the unexpected….”

    Unless you’re Brian Albert, then you just stay in your house knowing there’s a dead cop (from YOUR SAME DEPARTMENT!) on your lawn.

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