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State Police Union Attorney Sends Threatening Letter To Boston Police Sgt For Asking Maura Healey About Alleged Affairs With 3 State Troopers


Boston Police Sergeant Shana Cottone went from heroic, live saving public servant, to enemy of the state for her refusal to be raped with an experimental vaccine against her will in order to keep her job. Since then she has become vocal in protesting Michelle Wu’s illegal mandates, and exposing government corruption on Twitter using a Boston First Responders United account. Last week she used the account to post a video accusing Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey of engaging in affairs with at least 3 female state troopers. In the video she names the three troopers and posts publicly available images of them, while asking Healey is she used a power imbalance to her advantage in order to initiate affairs with the troopers.

The video implies that Healey potentially may have had relationships with the 3 troopers, although it doesn’t explicitly say so. It simply asks Healey if she used her power as AG to commence scissoring with them.

Normally who a person scissors with would be considered private personal matters, but it would be inappropriate for the Attorney General to pursue such a relationship with someone who she has power over. If true, it would also be inappropriate for her not to disclose this.

Several months ago sources tipped us off that Healey was in a relationship with a trooper who was close to her, but we never reported it because there was no evidence to back any of this up. However, we are publishing this now because the video (and they are merely allegations for now) has been posted to a public Twitter account operated by a well known Boston Police Sgt, and has become part of a public discussion on a woman who will likely be elected governor in 15 days.

Within hours of the video being posted on Twitter Sgt. Cottone received a cease and desist letter from Patrick Hanley, an attorney representing the State Police Association of Massachusetts.


Notice the letter specifically says that the video attacks “gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Maura Healey.” Attorney Hanley does not represent Healey, so there is no reason for her to be mentioned in the threatening letter. Why is the State Police Union trying to protect a woman who overtly supported BLM, a communist organization that seeks to abolish the police?

Hanley states that “the video is irresponsible and disrespectful of these dedicated law enforcement professionals,” but makes no mention of the Commonwealth’s irresponsible and disrespectful vaccine mandates that forced dozens of heroic, well qualified law enforcement officers out of their jobs. Perhaps if the union had been as anxious to protect these former troopers as they are to protect Maura Healey they would still have their jobs.

I receive letters like this all the time and usually just laugh at them before ignoring their demands completely. But for someone like Cottone, who has never received one, it can be intimidating. For that reason she removed the video.

However, she then contacted First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza, who not only told her to put the video back up, but wrote a scathing email in response to Hanley’s letter.

The video is now back up.

Thankfully we have attorneys like Marc Randazza who stand up for citizens when powerful public officials attempt to weaponize the courts in order to silence speech that is critical of public figures. Nowhere in that video does Cottone directly accuse Healey of having a sexual affair with any of these women. She simply asks her if it is true, which is protected speech under the First Amendment. Patrick Hanley knows this is not defamatory, just like he knows it wouldn’t be defamatory for me to ask if and when he began to transition from being a woman.

He should’ve just ignored it, but instead he did union members a great disservice by writing this letter because now other media outlets are free to report on the public spat. All of this to protect Maura Healey’s image 2 weeks before an election.


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